Things to Look for in your ERP System

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2020, March 9

Introducing ERP software or setup is probably one of the best things that a business can do in the present time. Considering the speed with which the business world is moving forward, without digitization and speedy automation, no business can expect to augment its business operations. There are a number of ERP software and solutions present in the market but, finding the right one may not be as easy as it may seem. However, we have listed a number of the most basic things that you should look for in ERP.

Costs d budget

Before deciding on a certain ERP software or set-up, you need to decide how much budget you want to dedicate for it and whether it would be enough for long-term usage and benefits. Besides the upfront costs, consider the cost of the ownership in entirety and have a clear futuristic approach for your business. Ideally, your ERP should evolve and expand with your business operations.

Moreover, you are not only be charged for the software or set-up, but, you will also have to consider the fees for the tech support, customization, subscription, implementation, and up-gradation. Many vendors say that the software and services have equal cost ratio but, it is not always the case, your best bet is to consider the overall cost.

Upgrade and replacement options

Knowing the benefits that an ERP brings with itself, many business personnel feel inspired to introduce it into its business structure, however, this is not all. ERPs come in a vast array of types and before implementing any one of it, they must know and understand the long-term requirements of their business model.

Many ERP software solutions come with the option of upgrading while in some cases; businesses need to replace it altogether. Before deciding on an ERP, organizations must make sure that their chosen one has their desired features like a scope for future module integration, mobility, cost control, scalability and deployment. This way, businesses can leverage many of their operations, cut in cost, and make a significant increase in business efficiency.

Tailored as per the business needs

Besides looking for easy replacement and expansion options, businesses look for ERP options that could support their multiple departments having entirely different operations and requirements. For example, marketing, sales, accounts, all are different teams and operate in a different style, to satisfy all of these departments, ERP should have customizable tools and dashboards that could be created and managed through a single software.

Each department can have its own chunk through which they could contact and collaborate with the other members of their team, create workflows, define and add their tasks, goals, and progress while taking their operations to next level.

Smart reporting and dashboard options

With an ERP, businesses can always go above and beyond the usual features of spreadsheets and PDF files and make use of the smart ERP features and tools that allow for the generation of useful financial statements. Latest and advanced reporting tools enable organizations in combining real-time data with filters preset it the ERP setup to adjust to the evolving business needs and making the right decisions.

Likewise, the smart ERP dashboards allow businesses in pricing quantitative and qualitative data at multiple levels d finding out key KPIs to adjust to the business goals. An ERP is meant to revolutionize a business’ structure and with smart, agile ad befitting tools, businesses can achieve it at multiple levels.

Systems integration support

Every business has some specific applications through which it functions and with large organizations, these specific applications may rise as per the department and its needs. An ideal ERP is something that offers integration support for these tools and applications and existing business infrastructure. See if your ERP system is offering this feature for your business support.

These integrations allowance includes capabilities for system-to-system, a module to system and file transferring abilities as well as options for expansion. Some of the examples include ERP integration with HRM, CRM, payroll d PDF, DOC, JPEG files. Every business wants to expand and improve ad if you are also one of such business, then this feature must be in your ideal ERP features’ list.

Training and setup support

There are two types of ERP system; one is the on-premise ERP and the other one is a SaaS, or cloud, ERP which is self-managed by the vendor and on its system. for the on-premise one, you need to have some technical support for it, which means that you need tech team to install and manage it while the cloud ERP can be easily accessed through the vendor’s server.

Some vendors offer an all-in bundle plan while some offers installation apart from the license. However, in both cases, you need to have enough training to set it up and afterward, use it correctly. When choosing an ERP, see if your vendor is offering the training and setup support for you and your users and if it is enough for your employees.

Mobile friendly ERP

Mobile friendly ERP has now become something important for businesses wow at to take full advantage of their ERP system. Bring your own device (BYOD) type of workplace environment has significantly increased as now, employees want to access their workflow through their mobile devices. People have now become immensely attached to their devices and to make the most of it, you want ERP that supports mobile usability. By giving the employees access to their dashboard, you can increase productivity as they can work anywhere and anytime.

The feature is especially useful for the people working in sales and architectural type of projects as then they will not have to wait to get back to the office, then enter the data into the spreadsheets, and file. With the ERP access on their device, they could enter it without delay and with fewer chances of delay, downtime, and errors. Life has become fast and now, your customers demand instant results and information, with a mobile-friendly ERP, you empower your sales team by giving them the required data access anytime and anywhere so that they can make use of it.

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