Influencer Marketing


With the emergence of a new startup business every day, the main challenge faced by startup businesses is a competition between businesses. It’s increasingly difficult for startups to “stand out” from other competitors. In fact, most startup businesses fail in their early years due to budgetary constraint, lack of competence, and resources. To avoid these things, you as a startup business must focus on how your business works “smartly”. One of them, you can take advantage of the Influencer Marketing strategy. In this article, we will deeply discuss the influence and influencer marketing, its strategies, how it helps you grow your business more and how to choose the best influencers for your business.

Types Of Influencers

In general, the types can be distinguished from the number of followers and media used to promote products. The following are three types of influencers seen from the number of followers:

  • Micro

  • Macro

  • Premium

  • Celebrity

  • YouTuber

  • Blogger

  • Snap Chat Influencer

  • Instagram Influencers



A micro influencer usually has a follower of 10 thousand people, even less. Judging from the amount, you might think that using micro influencers is not effective for product promotion. In fact, just the opposite. The strength of micro influencers is engagement with their followers.


If you have more than 100 thousand followers, it can be called a macro influencer. Usually macro influencers are well-known figures, although not as famous as celebrities.


This is the top influencer with the most followers. A premium influencer generally has millions of followers. Percentage of product purchases from premium influencer recommendations may not be as great as other influencers, but still promising.


Celebrity or celebrity Instagram is a public figure who uses the Instagram platform as a product promotion media. People loving celebrities will follow the trend they offer and will use the products and service they give reviews, a great influencer strategy to be used in any business.


A YouTuber is a person who uploads videos to YouTube about information, including product information. The role of the YouTuber as a product influencer is quite significant.


Blogger is someone who owns and manages a blog by adding reviews on different products and services. When a blogger recommends a product.

Snap Chat Influencer

Snapchat is the most used platform today for stories sharing than any other social media networks and thus much potential for influencer marketing.

Instagram Influencers

Again the great fan following of a person will benefice you for sure. The influencers on Instagram work with the photos and posts they share. The video clips, influential speech about your product comes out best in your business growth.


Qualities Of Successful Influencers

What characteristics define a good influencer? Although they are becoming an unstoppable trend in the digital marketing environment, you may rush to make a wrong decision by choosing the “ambassador” of your brand.

The right influencer will allow you (among other things) to reach your market niche efficiently, increase the number of followers in your networks, and why not? Enter new markets.

The qualities should an influencer have to be a successful one are as under;

  • Good Influencer
  • Importance Influencer
  • Complemented Influencer
  • Passionate Influencer
  • Marketing Influencer

Good Influencer

The social media of the influencer must be a clear reflection of their values, passions and interests. The person behind it must be a reflection of what their publications demonstrate, that is, there must be a congruence between offline and online.


Importance Influencer

The communication and emotional connection between the influencer and his followers (regardless of the amount of these) is equally important to generate engagement towards your brand.


Complemented Influencer

Users are able to immediately detect an influencer driven by personal interests or with little credibility. And if they suffer a setback in their careers, it is difficult for them to recover part of the reputation that preceded them.


Passionate Influencer

The passion to learn, to keep abreast of the latest trends, those that could influence your brand and those to stay away from. This allows you to convey security when communicating everything about your brand.


Marketing Influencer

A good influencer should be aware that traditional advertising is considered intrusive, and he needs to find a way to integrate brands into their content almost imperceptibly.

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What does the influencer get in return? Most often brands are rewarded with monetary compensation or in the form of products. The interesting thing is that influencer marketing has evolved into something quite natural. Bloggers with huge popularity on the Internet, thanks to themselves and alone, have discovered that their thousands of fans can bring more than personal satisfaction. Namely – additional income. Thus, this individual need is confronted with the desire of marketers to raise awareness of their brand. The result is a revolutionary collaboration in digital marketing. The best solutions offered in this marketing term will help you grow more and to improve sale.

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