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How to Choose the Right Domain Name for your Business

When choosing a domain name, it is important that the name is in line with the business and, for best result, has the right keywords. While working through the process, you must remember that your domain name is a living and breathing being and should be treated like one; just like your name is your identity, people perceive and remember you by your name, you business is, and will always be, known by the domain name you choose for it. Many of the young entrepreneurs think that they could choose a name in the beginning and, afterwards, change it when their business is developed, wrong approach. Choosing a business is and should be a onetime process, after that people will remember and relate with your business through that name, which means that you should be really careful while planning your business’ name.

Now that you know how important it is to have a good domain for a successful business, coming up with one such name can be a daunting task but do not worry, we have some helpful tips to get you going. Read on


An impressive domain name is brandable; generic words and names do not have the same effect as a branded one. A brandable name is unique, memorable, relevant and reflects your brand, businesses like Apple, Microsoft and Facebook invested in their domain name and made sure that it is unique and represent their brand because they know that a domain name is their corporate identity. There are a number of ways to find out good domain names for your brand and two of the most effective one are;

  • Brainstorming
  • Domain name generator

Pick a paper and pen and write down all the names that come in your mind, at this step, do not think whether the name will be a good fit just write it down. After that, cut the names that are not relevant to your business and keep the ones that portray it. Use different domain generators to find out a brandable name for your business and you can also come up with new names also.


SEO is crucial when it comes to making your business searchable and approachable for your consumers. While picking a domain name make sure that it has the most relevant keywords, try to use the exact keywords, for instance, your business name is Cool Stuffed Toys, your ideal domain name will be Cool However, if you do not find an exact keyword domain name then use the keywords that are closely related to your trade, for example, your business deals in stuffed dolls and other toys, your idea keywords will be ‘stuffed toys’ or ‘stuffed dolls and toys’. Some of the benefits of having an optimized domain name are;

  • It will be unique
  • People will find it with ease
  • It will give a clear idea of your business
  • It will appear in related searches
  • Good search engine ranking


A good name is in itself a complete introduction and an effective domain name is no exception. While picking a domain name for your business analyze it profoundly and see if it is giving an introduction of your business. Many businesses make the mistake of choosing ambiguous names that are not relatable and leave the consumers in confusion. To avoid this situation, choose a domain name that speaks for itself; going back to our toys example, keywords like stuffed toys and dolls are directly and strongly related to the business operations and the trade they work in. On hearing the name, people will understand that the company deals in dolls and other stuffed toys, which is very good indicator.

Broad Availability

When picking a domain name, try to find one that is available across every social media platform; make the name unique, catchy and memorable and the one that is relatable for your clients. Having the same domain name across each social media platform makes string impression as it reinforces brand identity and consistency. While you choose a domain name, check it and see of it is available at every social media or at least on the ones that you will be using for your business. Some other benefits of having a broadly available domain name are;

  • It avoids confusion in your consumers
  • It helps strengthening awareness
  • It supports word of mouth marketing
  • It will appear in related searches
  • Good search engine ranking

Short and Simple

This is a no brainer, short and simple names are easy to remember and talk about and, therefore, when it comes to good domain names, the shorter and simpler, the better. Short and simple names area easy to pronounce, understand, type and remember and such names increase the chances of broad word-to-word marketing. Our brains are tuned to remember certain information for few seconds and if you want to cut this ‘memory limit’, you need to be simple and direct with your corporate identity. With simple and short domain name, you will be able to;

  • Make your name memorable
  • Increase chances of finding the same name across multiple social media platforms
  • Spread the name easily and via multiple channels
  • Avoid confusion with similar sounding and spelling business names


What is the optimal life of your domain name? Will it last even when you will add more products/services? Consider these two basic questions when choosing a domain name of your business. Good domain names last longer and, preferably, for an eternity; it is the online identity of a business and could not be changed every now and then. Many entrepreneurs choose a domain name in hassle thinking that they will change it later but, changing names will cost more than you think. With changing the name, you are likely to lose the identity that you worked hard for, the search engine ranking, the SEO efforts, the audience, in short, everything. You will have to work from scratch, which is time consuming and requires loads of efforts. The bottom line is, brainstorm, evaluate and chose the domain name that will be with you even after you introduce new products and services.

No Trademark Encroachment

The internet is bustling with websites; loads and loads of websites and blogs, so, when you are working on picking a domain name for your business, you need to make sure that it is not causing any trademark encroachment. A business can take legal action against you of your name is confusing with its business name and you can end up in court. It is not that you have chosen a good and unique name for your business; it is more about if it is confused by any other brand name. The reason for this is that each brand works hard to build its reputation and client base, which they are not ready to lose only because some other business has the same sounding name. Some of the ways to avoid trademark infringement are;

  • Use unique and distinguishable name
  • Check the availability via different sources
  • Use domain generator and check the name through Google
  • Talk to people and discuss the chosen name to see what they have to say about it

The Right Domain Extension

Choosing the right domain extension is a key to success in the internet world. With time, a number of different domain extensions have emerged but for some obvious reasons, .com is still the most trusted and desirable domain extension. .com is the oldest domain extension and people are familiar with it; apart from it, .org, .net and extensions exclusive to business areas are also used. If you do not find a .com domain name, it is better to go with .org and since we are dealing in Pakistan, domain extensions like .pk and are a good choice as it is directly related to the area you function in. Similarly, businesses operating in countries like Canada, Australia etc. have the choice of using .ca and .au as their domain extension.

Check Expired Domain Names

Who says that every time you have to start from the scratch? Sometimes you just need to search and find out what works for you, same goes for picking a domain name for your business. Search and find out expired and old domain names, many times businesses do not work out in positive manner and, consequently, they are closed down. However, once you get a registered name, it remains in the internet memory, which can be a good thing if you find the right one. Search and find out the most relevant domain name and use it as your own but only if you find the right one.

No Glitches

Remember what you learnt about spellings in school? The lesson goes a long way. Spellings are a way to success in the internet world too; your consumers are smart people and know very well where your spellings are wrong. it is observed that people create an image of the brand even before coming in direct contact with it; wrong spellings will mean that you are careless and non-serious about the most important thing of your business, which will not help elevating your brand awareness. Some of the things that may create the hassle include;

  • Hyphens
  • Numbers
  • Not-so creative spellings variation
  • Confusing spellings

Hyphens, numbers and different spellings confuse the consumers as they are difficult to remember and many times, while searching for the business, people forget about them. It is better that you stick to the actual spellings of the words and avoid using numbers and hyphens.

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