Business Card Design

Business Card Design

When it comes to design your identity in form of a business card design, Boundless Technologies relies on uniqueness. A good business card not only helps to establish the first contact, but also saves information on the right person’s owner for a long time. It is one of the cheapest forms of advertising, but also the most effective. If you have a unique idea about your business card and it is not among our proposals, contact us to get your project together.

Weoffer you a solution that combines professionalism and an affordable price. We develop a methodology for typography of the card will provide design that combines the completeness of data and orderliness of information. We display your company logo and basic company information with discreet impact. This way, your brand will be sealed at a subconscious level with every person who accepts the card.

Why Choose Business Card Designfrom Boundless Technologies?

Based on in-depth research, we have come up with results that showcase the most accepted set of shapes in graphic design. We also use fonts that have been shown to be positive for human perception. The colours used in our designs are soft and flawless, yet are distinct and well blended. We follow a methodology for writing percentages of text on business card design and strictly adhere to non-written principles for business card design. That way, at any cost, you’ll get proven quality products.

You can choose from countless types of business card designavailable, with neither a minimum nor a maximum number. Our specialist will advise you free of charge for any other idea that comes to your mind and try to customize as per your business requirements.

Our Pricing

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Visiting Cards Design

As we are aware of the fact that visiting cards are a crucial part of marketing to increase company leads. When you meet your customer for business purposes to discuss your product and services or a sale professional need to present their visiting card during the meeting for sales with customers. So, the visiting card design must be attractive and shows professionalism. Visiting Cards plays an imperative role in networking. We all know well, the first impression is the last one, so impresses the customer by presenting a professionally designed visiting card. It is proof of your company’s existence and identity.

What we offer 1000+ visiting card templates, one can even customize it of standard shape and size, Graphic Assets, Fonts, Icon, and more. One can also append the logo of your company to authenticity and professionalism. Design visiting cards with us and set an example of inspiring all over. We can rush the designing in as few as 24-48 hours with our outclass services. Boost your sales of a business with our customized and yet affordable high-quality pixel card designs. So, what are you waiting to book your orders now? Get visiting card design sample to deliver to your online in as little as 2 hours—delivery of card design sample on the same day.

We assure you the best results of your visiting card printing. We deliver a better outcome and faster and assure you both high-quality designing and printing.

Indeed, we are a reliable source and trustworthy working for a decade as being Pioneer. Many companies are aligning their orders for visiting cards with us only.

Employee Card Design

Employee cards are impeccable for any business are mandatory for the proof of identification, for kind of small, medium, and large organizations. Employee cards help to increase security and is proof of license due to the magnetic strips on the backward part of the cards, can make signing in and out quickly done, helps to simplify scheduling, and makes changeover easy for new employees.

Companies can easily on fingertips are tracking employee attendance no time and made secure and accessible. An employer can easily monitor the time in and time out of easily once the card is punched on the entrance or by swiping badges; this is how the timekeeping record is maintaining and can assess the time of employees worked in office premises.

This is the ultimate identification proof that you belong to so and so company. Wearing your card on your office premises gives a professional look that you are an employee.

We provide Employee Card Design services in bulk at affordable price and packages mentioning all the personal details from Employee ID to all your Name, Date of birth, Date of joining, CNIC number, Location, designation, Department, including a company name where you are deputed and their brand logo, mention the complete address of the company and includes issuing authority signature which makes it authentic. The employee cards also include a recent passport size photograph of yours.

We have an enormous number of Creative Employee Card Design template designed for any agency, corporate, and small big companies. Employee Card Design is perfect for any corporate use. Our templates are customizable, and all objects are resizable and editable.

ID Cards Design

An identification card is a card stating static data for identification purposes about a person, like full name, address, age, and color of hair and eyes, organizational membership, and often containing a photograph, for use as identification at a place of employment, school, club, etc.

An identity testimony (also called a piece of identification or ID) is any document that may be used to prove a person’s identity. If issued in a small, standard credit card size form, it is usually called an identity card (IC, ID card, citizen card) or passport card.

ID cards are primarily used for identification and security purposes. There are distinct advantages that come with the use of ID cards, and further down are some of the main benefits. The most crucial benefit of ID card Design is the fact that they will ensure proper document processing while fighting fraudulent and criminal practices, assuring safety, National security, enable employee monitoring, the identity cards help law enforcement agencies pertaining matter to stop security threats effectively.

The ID cards support in the segregation of visitor and employee and indeed, the opportunity of monitoring every person in your company, including employees. The ID Card system can signify when they are entering the facility and also when they are leaving.

Time recording is possible with ID Cards. The employees can easily access by swiping their ID cards while entering the premises or other sensitive and critical areas. This is the most appropriate and convenient method of ensuring only authorized employees enter the building.

We design, renew, or replace lost or damaged ID Card Design and pay the fees in one transaction, which is very reasonable.

Check the Benefits We Offer

All the visiting cards, business cards, ID cards and Employee card Designs we create by combining subliminal imaging techniques and follow user manipulation and impact methodology. Connecting with us will benefice you with;

  • The highest quality print and advertising services using the latest technology
  • More business is gained through business card.
  • Our prices are extremely low.
  • You pay on delivery of the goods.
  • Our products are printed on two-sided, full-colour at customer’s choice.