Events & Exhibitions Design

A Full Display Service Offering – from Inspiration to Installation and more!

We know that participation in the events and exhibitions pertaining to your own field is necessary for business enhancement and have more relations with other organizations of the same domain. Boundless technologies offer its services to arrange and manage such events and exhibitions for our clients. In this way, your business can flourish a lot. You can gain an insight as to what is going in the market. It helps you to learn different techniques in order to survive in presence of your competitors.

Boundless technologies hold great experience of arranging such business exhibitions. We have planned and executed such events in the past as well. As Pakistani business entity, we can assure you best of our services. We take care of all sectors of event planning and management i.e. from the invitation to people to execution of the event and from arranging hotels to meet the catering needs.

Boundless technologies will be pleased to serve you in this arena. Along with having web development resources we also excel in event management. If you do not want to host an event, you can also hire our services to represent your company in such events. We have individuals who are well acquainted with corporate events who will lead you to contacts regarding your business. We can assist you in formulating deal agreements, setting the terms and conditions for the contract etc.

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  • 3 Different Stall Design
  • 3 Revisions
  • 3 Color Variations


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  • 5 Different Stall Design
  • 5 Revisions
  • 5 Color Variations


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  • 8 Different Stall Design
  • 8 Revisions
  • 8 Color Variations