Intellectual Property and IP Services in Karachi

November 25, 2019
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Intellectual Property and IP Services in Karachi

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is term using for the protection of the creative works of the mind, which have its important values. Any property contains the rights for the creator, these rights also known as the right of monopoly exploitation which have the limited criteria regarding scope, duration and geographical extent, it is the shelter of inventions like artistic works, name of brands, pictures, blogs, articles, paintings and so on. Intellectual property rights IPRs have a direct impact on the particular industry and organization as the owner of that company. So we can protect the product by the enforcement process.

It is mandatory that all the business owners understand the need and value of the IP Law so they can protect their creative arts from the unfair forces and IP attorney helps the company to achieve success and prevent by the theft. It is important first to analyze what actually you want to protect because if you fill IP application incorrectly, it totally wastes your time.

  • First, decide the work which you want to secure from the theft.
  • File that and implement different methods of protection.
  • Explore the international patents and also research that who is register in patent’s list.
  • Make sure to make a plan and choose a strategy at the start of your company.


Four types of IP Protection:


It’s a kind of right grant from the government; it gives the right to the patent holder to push out others from manufacture the product and selling that product. For patent registration, we have to fill some forms and pay the filing fee.

Trade Secrets:

A Trade secret is a type of intellectual property, uses for the formulas, methods, the process of services which company does not want to expose to the people.


Trademark is a logo mark of any company that design for the specific company on which IPRs must be registered so the other company will not able to use your trademark. Trademark registration is the most important part of the brands’ security.


It is the unregistered right of any original work created by you. Copyright registration is a way to protect your work and expressions to be copied from the external and unauthorized person.

IP Services in Pakistan

There are so many organizations in Pakistan which are providing these services to the companies and brands of Pakistan. Brands Foundation’s PIPLA is one of the best IP Service providers in Pakistan. PIPLA is providing these services in very feasible rates and also guide creators about the trademark registration processcopyright registration process, IP enforcement, best IP Attorneys and also provides IP Renewal services. PIPLA understands the importance of the security of the rights and efforts done on creating content and provides their best services to the corporate organizations of Pakistan to secure their brand’s identity.

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