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2020, March 9

Amazon web services is a subsidiary of that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals, governments, and companies. If you are looking for compute power, database storage, content delivery or functionality, Amazon web service will help you build flexible, scalable and reliable applications. It is a comprehensive and evolving cloud-computing platform provided by Amazon.

Being the best solution out there in the market, it is the most expensive cloud provider as compared to others. This is cloud has a huge number of customers and is a recognizable cloud brand. It has fast scale up and scaling down processes, that can be one of the reasons for having more customers. It has an availability of backup, restore processes, and have snapshot backups, that allows users to keep the data safe. It also has the most expensive bandwidth, which can increase your invoice if your application uses more of the bandwidth.


Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud provides virtual servers, known as instances for compute capacity. It offers dozens of instance types, having varying sizes and capacities, tailored for the specific workload types and applications. It also provides an auto-scaling tool so that it can automatically scale the capacity to maintain the instance health and performance of the cloud. Developers can use AWS Lambda for serverless functions that automatically run codes for applications and services making it easier for users.


Amazon simple storage service provides scalable object storage for storing huge data into it. This gives a backup, archival and analytics for the data, which is important for the safety of your business data. Amazon elastic block store provides block level storage volumes for persistent data storage.

Databases, Data Management

Amazon web services provide managed database services through its Amazon relational database service. An AWS customer can use Amazon ElastiCache and DynamoDB accelerator as in-memory data caches for real-time applications. To make business intelligence tasks easily by doing data analysis it also offers a data warehouse.

Migration, Hybrid Cloud

AWS has many tools and services designed to help users for migrating applications, databases, servers and data on its public cloud. The AWS migration hub provides a location to monitor and manages migrations from one premise to another cloud. This assures the safe and accurate migration of whole data without losing a single fragment of information. Amazon also has partnerships with other technology vendors who help them to configure and operate the data.


An Amazon Virtual Private Cloud gives an administrator control over a virtual network for using an isolated section of AWS cloud. It automatically provides new resources within a VPC for extra protection. This provides complete security to your data and also can keep backups for your data so that you will never lose your data. An IT professional can establish a connection from an on-premises data center to AWS cloud with AWS direct connect.

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