Significance of a Registered Domain Name for a Business In Karachi Pakistan

December 9, 2017
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domain - Significance of a Registered Domain Name for a Business In Karachi Pakistan

Registered Domain Name for a Business In Karachi Pakistan

A domain name is no less than an online real estate, a place where your business lives and collaborates with the world. Digital presence is crucial for the success of every business and having a website is no longer a choice but a MUST have for a strong online presence. Once you have come up with a unique and relevant name for your business, it is time to have a registered domain name for your corporate website. At early stage, many budding businesses consider renting a domain name, which is not a good idea at all, especially if you are thinking to stay in market for longer and effectively.

Domain registration is important as it secures a business’ online identity and exclusivity amongst the competitors; no surprise why big names like Apple, Walmart, Google etc. take their business’ name so seriously. There are a number of reasons why selecting a good domain name and having a secure domain registration should be one of your business success strategies.

It reflects professional image

No one is going to take you seriously unless you take yourself seriously, ready to do it? Great. Have a registered domain name for your business. A website with a domain name registered is a significant and crucial investment; it represents your business’ online identity through which your clients would interact with you. For decades, the world has gone digital and, therefore, even the smallest act on your part will create a subconscious image in your consumers’ mind. Using free email services like Yahoo, Gmail and AOL can be cost effective but it may also give an image that you do not afford to buy a registered domain name for your business, which is not a good impression at all. The bottom line is, you need to take your domain name seriously and it registered if you want to have a lasting impression on your clients.

It helps your SEO goals

Optimization is a key if you want your consumers land on your website every time they search your niche business, you need to take our SEO efforts seriously and one of the ways to do this is to have an optimized and registered domain name. The right and effective SEO makes sure that your customers find you with ease that would open further opportunities for the business. Some of the common ways businesses do it is by adding optimized content on their website, blogs, landing pages and Meta description. Smart businesses add relevant keywords in their domain name also but you cannot do it if you are thinking to rent the domain extension. By having a domain registration, your SEO and SMM efforts will be led in the right direction and your hard work will pay off.

It brings in walk-in business

Ever landed on a website that does not work directly in your niche market? Looking for old furniture and ended on an antique furniture business? Having a fully optimized and registered domain name goes beyond the usual SEO and SMM benefits. In many cases, businesses are connected with multiple consumers that are looking for products and services that are linked with other niche market products/services. going back to our old furniture example, surfers looking for old and used furniture may come across the businesses dealing in old and antique furniture, which is a sure fire way to increase client base and attract potential consumers. Similarly, when you optimize your domain name with your niche market keyword; lead generation and management, social media management, web designing, hosting etc. people looking for services associated with yours land on your website also, which is a good thing for business exposure.

It creates brand identity and awareness

Though the world has transformed into a global village, word of mouth is still considered as one of the key aspects of marketing. Consumers remember the businesses that have the same domain name as their business and the secure way to do this is to have a registered name for your business. Successful entrepreneurs know the worth of reinforcing their corporate identity and, therefore, they do keep their customers reminded about their business through different means. Same brand and company name strengthen brand identity and people are more aware of it. It makes it easy for the consumers to remember the name and talk about it in their acquaintance circle. When people are informed about your business, it will add credibility and authority to the name, which is necessary if you want to have a good and reliable reputation.

It gives free advertising

Promotion is important when it comes to reaching out to the existing and potential clients. Having a personal and registered domain name for your business gives you a chance of mentioning your website on your corporate cards, printed and electronic brochures, letterheads, email signature and other company signs. This type of advertising campaign reduces marketing costs; printed promotions costs more when you have to buy the space so when you are having your own website, you can actually feature a catalogue of your products or services and on your website. Think of it as paid landing pages that you see on other websites and pay for the virtual space, putting it on your own site will save the cost that you can utilize in the development of your business. Besides, having your website name printed on business cards and other marketing collateral allows the people check your business hours, latest deals and product/service deals without the need of waiting for standard business hours.
The internet is a hotchpotch of businesses and each day a significant number of websites are adding to it. If you want to cut through the competition and get noticed, you should start taking your business seriously and consider investing in domain registration in karachi Pakistan.

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