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NIFT ePay was designed to facilitate quick, safe, and flexible transactions domestically and internationally .

NIFT ePay's agnostic adaptable payments infrastructure allows digital players worldwide to make digital payments regardless of their network size or geographic location. Companies of any size can leverage NIFT ePay's open gateway for efficient and safe transactions through a secure, interoperable ecosystem. Automation will gradually resolve the dilemma of the constraint of data-driven payment, as payment instruments and ways will continue to proliferate in the market.


We believe in building long-term working relationships based on trust and reliability.

NIFT ePay is an approved PSO/PSP (payment system operator/payment service provider) by the State Bank of Pakistan for commercial operations of ePayment Gateway.



We Offer NIFT ePay


History of NIFT ePay

NIFT ePay is a brand of an independent clearing organization NIFT created in collaboration with its subsidiary TPS. NIFT is pioneer and the largest clearing facilitator of Pakistan since 1995, providing streamlined and cost-effective electronic cheque clearing. NIFT is the first authority (CA) in Pakistan to provide Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)-based security initiatives, such as digital certificates and digital signatures, for financial institutions, businesses and government entities. NIFT also assists entities with specialized projects such as photo-based solutions, data digitization and support services.

NIFT has the expertise and focus on processing fees and the payment process through streamlined transaction flows and seamless payments. NIFT works with banks and EMIs to provide the payment supplies and Merchants and Institutions such as large corporate, SMEs, and government organizations on the consumption side to make our digitization of payments possible. You can fulfill day-to-day transactional needs like paying school fees, and insurance, making online purchases, paying utility bills, and more through NIFT ePay, all while leaving yourself to more spare time and less hassle.

Find out how the NIFT ePay payment platform can make your life easy.

NIFT ePay is committed to abiding by the rules and regulations related to e-commerce. Our expertise in the field of online payment processing allows us to give our customers the best service requires to them. We are aware of how different online payment methods can simplify our lives.

The NIFT ePay payment platform is comprehensive, integrated, and secure. It provides a quick and easy way to transfer money, as well as enables businesses to accept payments from clients. Collaborating with businesses to introduce technical implementation solutions is one way to improve the experience of their customers. Giving a range of acceptable payment methods is one way to help clients make payments.

The first thing about us that makes us unique is that we are most noted for our unique characteristics, such as:

  • Fluent integration: Nift ePay has made it smooth and comfy by integrating easy transactions.

  • Several payment options: allow customers to pay through an assortment of payment options for enhanced convenience.

  • Real time reporting: All the transactions are monitored and recorded in real-time to ensure that accurate records are kept

  • Flexibility: The platform has flexible payment capabilities, allowing participants to make payments as they see fit.

  • Adaptable: Market trends, customer demands, and regulatory agencies are that require modifiable technology to reduce costs and function efficiently.

  • Data accessibility Consulting systems: Can give you info about dispute management, fraud cases, transaction reconciliation, and transaction response rate.

  • Fast: As payment transactions have now become faster, there is no longer any need for a large number of third parties to be involved.

  • Secured and compliance: The end-to-end transactions carried out through NIFT ePay latform with flawless privacy and security.

Our Methodology in Digital Commerce

The challenge of smooth, rapid, and reliable transactions has prevented efficient monetary exchanges. NIFT ePay has collected not just the ability to enable you to manage your payments correctly but also to do it in a quick and efficient way.

We made payment methods faster, simpler, and more intelligent by accepting them.
  • If your company has its sources secure, a proper financial control system can be eveloped to secure your finances. With the NIFT ePay service, a customized financial control system can be created to fit in with your method and protect your finances.

  • Payment can be made immediately.

  • The platform adapts your company's processes to the current market situation.

  • Business payment, including digital commerce and banking, can be made as simple and rapidly as you would like.

  • The entity's revenue may rise as a result of digital commerce.

Make your customers happy by offering them easy payment alternatives.

A lot of people desire to use the location of their bank account to conduct digital commerce payments. They have traditional bank account access, whereas credit or debit card holders require a different sort of method for payment transactions. As of June 2020, certain figures were published by the State Bank of Pakistan as follows:

  • 59.9 million – Total Number of Deposit Accounts

  • 27 million – Total Number of Active Mobile Wallets

  • 26.7 million – Total Number of Debit Cards in Circulation

  • 1.7 million – Total Number of Credit Cards in Circulation

  • 3.9 million – Total Number of Registered Internet Banking Users

  • 8.4 million – Total Number of Registered Mobile Banking Users

There is plenty of evidence that indicates that there tend to be more mobile phone and bank accounts than credit and debit cards. As a result, we're seeing tremendous potential for appreciating payment processing using the methods mentioned. Additionally, real-time installment payments should be provided by companies using a safe payment system.

Smart payment systems for digital payments are available in abundance. Digital wallets, account-based payment methods, and credit debit cards all offer an environment that is secure for digital payment processing. NIFT ePay also provides comprehensive information on the payment context in accordance with ISO 20022, which no other digital commerce payment choices offer and that we do.

Our team has designed three different payment methods to meet our client's diverse needs.
Account-Based Payments

Customers can only transfer their bank account details (Account Number and CNIC Number) to make a payment using their bank account details. One time password (OTP) code will be sent to the customer to assist in the transaction confirmation. They can complete the payment after successfully receiving their OTP.

Credit/Debit Card-Based Payments

Visa and MasterCard are widely used international payment gateways for carrying out credit debit card payments, allowing banks issuing related debit cards to customize payment authorization per the specific requirements for approval. Payments are made accordingly with the authorization issued by the related exporter banks, who can provide either a Time Password or Secure Code.


Customers can easily make purchases with the digital wallet option. The digital wallet option is especially useful in conjunction with the NIFT ePay payment gateway. Customers of all ages, who regularly use electronic payments, tend to utilize the digital wallet option.

Particulars of Payment Methods
  • Verification of Users: NIFT ePay is capable of complying with Know Your Customer and regulatory requirements ensuring your users can make secured payments using authentication.

  • Fast payment acceptance process: With NIFT ePay, your clients may choose from any of the available payment processes, subject to no shutdowns in the process.

  • Fund management: Clients get paid out immediately, which lowers the cost of operation. Payment confirmation can be sent immediately, and you can scale up your company's expansion effectively.

  • Platform management: NIFT e-Wallet ensures that all transactions are properly recorded so that they can be reconciled when needed.

Integrated Approach for any Entity

Either you or are on the verge of becoming international, NIFT ePay will provide you with a great platform for accepting payment. Generate more revenue for your business by allowing your customers to browse a variety of payment alternatives.

Highly Integrated Customers Experience

Customers are always on the lookout for easy ways to make quick payments so they can get back to their actual work. Implementing a single integration allows you to streamline payments and start using NIFT ePay, one of the most popular payment platforms.

Security and Conformity

Our team is well-informed of all legal and financial needs that come into play during international and local financial transactions. We're well-versed in the requirements for meeting these needs, ensuring that absolutely no legal restrictions are broken throughout the transaction.

  • Safekeeping transaction information for compliance

  • Know Your Customer, among other crucial tests for business owners

  • Optimized identity verification needs

  • obeying all laws and regulations

  • screening for sanctions

  • Certified to ISO 9001-2000 for Clearing Services

  • Information Security Services with an ISO 27001 certification

  • The State Bank of Pakistan has authorized and designated PSO and PSP operators

Automated Clearing

In order to serve more than 13,400 banks-branches of 42 Commercial / Microfinance Banks and National Saving Centers (CDNS) in more than 530 cities and towns, the Automated Clearing House began operations in 1997 from Karachi and gradually expanded its network to 27 centers in major cities of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir

The effective and secure operation of the electronic/automated check-clearing system is our responsibility. The NIFT 27 clearing processing facilities are outfitted with cutting-edge technologybased clearing software, sorters, encoders, scanners, and sorters for processing cheques. The NIFT system's deployment, which was based on successful process reengineering, was adjusted to meet local needs. Every link in the chain benefits from having a direct interaction with every bank branch.

Every day, NIFT riders gather Outward Clearing from all Collecting / Presenting banks-branches in each NIFT center for each clearing cycle. The NIFT operation team sends the inward clearing instruments electronically as well as manually, along with scroll reports & pieces of advice, to the appropriate Drawee/payee banks-branches/CPUs after processing the outward clearing financial instruments in their center in an automated, efficient, and reliable manner. Drawee banks handle the Inward Clearing based on electronic check images and data as well as reviewing physical instruments and reports (if needed), and after making a choice and completing the inward returns, they close the transaction. Then, through NIFT riders, Drawee banks send the physical Inward Returns to NIFT. After processing the inbound returns, the NIFT center sends or emails the outbound returns, along with physically returned instruments and scroll reports, to the presenting banks and branches. Additionally, NIFT completes the net settlement of each event and sends the reports to SBP for RTGS bank settlement.

In today's financial environment, data and visuals must be simple to use and digitally enabled. The inbound clearance and returns marking processes at NIFT are web-based. Bank's Treasury can check their outward and inward clearing positions throughout the day using the scoreboard inquiry feature on the IBCS online portal, which gives them immediate information and aids in decision-making.

The above automated clearing house (ACH) process is very important and is being managed by the National Interchange Settlement and Facilities Technology (NIFT Clearing Operations) with full dedication and commitment. Efficient, elegant, and secure, NIFT s ACH method is indispensable to Pakistan s financial system.

NIFT is currently aiming toward full cheque truncation by utilizing electronic-images-based clearing. Since September 2021, Image Based Clearing has been effectively implemented in the Karachi region, and it is presently intended to expand to other cities.

Application Penetration Testing

The security of a company's vital IT infrastructure is assessed using NIFT Application Penetration Tests in comparison to security best practice standards. The tests give insight into an organization's application's capacity to fend off attacks from unauthorized users and to aid in preventing misuse through legitimate users by mimicking real-world, application-level attacks. We have a team of security consultants who behave like a hacker group. Against your vital IT infrastructure, we conduct what is referred to be a snapshot-in-time attack. This implies that any flaws or vulnerabilities against your present network setup are only practical up until the time of your subsequent configuration update.

It is advised that businesses do quarterly penetration tests. New vulnerabilities can have been found since the last test cycle, even if configuration changes are not happening. Our services are provided on an annual basis, and there are no additional fees for follow-up tests performed within the same year.

When any vulnerability is found, our penetration test experts work under rigorous "ethical hacking" rules that assist preserve customer information and prevent client data from being exposed to the internet. The penetration test team will get in touch with the system administrators and assist them in tightening the issue as soon as feasible when a significant vulnerability is found during testing.

Real-time, secure financial services are now a reality, thanks to NIFT.

Government agencies, financial institutions, and businesses can use Nift eTRUST's digital identity certificates to validate users and ensure that sensitive information is only in the hands of the appropriate management.

Important papers can be digitally signed using digital ID certificates.

By including a special code known as a digital signature to a message, they can also be used to help protect messages by letting recipients know that the message is indeed coming from the sender.

Your financial information will be safely protected when you use cashless transactions quickly.

For a digital signature, go to this website: https://fbr-live.niftetrust.com/efiling/


We hope you enjoyed our blog about how the NIFT ePay payment platform is a great solution for all your business needs. We know that a lot of companies struggle to find a payment platform that can help them provide the services they need from their customers. That's why we provided you with a list of the NIFT ePay's benefits so you can make sure you are getting the most out of your platform. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at ___ or check our website for further details at https://www.nift.pk/. Thank you for reading; we are always excited when one of our posts can provide useful information on a topic like this!




We believe in building long-term working relationships based on trust and reliability.

NIFT ePay is an approved PSO/PSP (payment system operator/payment service provider) by the State Bank of Pakistan for commercial operations of ePayment Gateway.



We Offer NIFT ePay

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We Offer NIFT ePay

We believe in building long-term working relationships based on trust and reliability.

NIFT ePay is an approved PSO/PSP (payment system operator/payment service provider) by the State Bank of Pakistan for commercial operations of ePayment Gateway.