Work at Home? Check out these useful resources to make it effective

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2020, March 9

The pandemic of Coronavirus is doing businesses across the world to have a rapid change in the way they used to work. At Boundless Technologies, we are making every attempt to help our clients transition conveniently to an online working setup, assuring their work continuity remains undisturbed.

Working at home mostly needs the accessibility of some critical applications to make your office online. To assure minimal distraction to routine work processes and task management, you need to understand that your online workflow management operates should operate swiftly, safely, and effectively.

Let’s look at some of the most useful resources that you can use to maximize your productivity and ensure employee attendance and engagement while working remotely.

Google Docs/Office 365

Keep your documentation on the cloud and share it quickly with your colleagues.


The importance of being able to connect with computers remotely is undeniable, especially in the current situation. Teams make the whole communication simple and easy.

Sophos UTM

Simplify your IT safety with this simple application. Since a full VPN is not as active, so having a good UTM with comprehensive group policies to regulate data stream works terrific.

Microsoft AD

Active Directory by Microsoft offers practical methods to store directory data and making it available to network users and admins.

Check-in Checkout Applications

Need to keep a record of your employee attendance? Check-in check-out applications makes it simpler to record.


Online conferencing is inevitable for many businesses. Apps like Zoom words consistently useful for virtual meetings.


Another online video meeting application is Webex video conferencing powered by Cisco technology. It makes video conferencing smooth and trouble-free, and its mobile-application makes it even easier to connect and meet from anywhere.

Google Hangout Meeting

Google Hangout Meeting is an easy and straightforward, high-quality video streaming meeting application. It allows you to collaborate with your team and employees regardless of your location. You have to send an invite to the person you wish to have a meeting with. However, there are some features only accessible by G-Suite users.


Join a skype to establish your business meetings with the Skype Meetings App. If you don’t have the Skype Business for desktop or Skype Business account, you can still use Skype Meetings App or join with Skype for Business Web app from your internet browser. It depends on your organizational work requirements.


When teams work online, it becomes hard to keep things organized. Apps like Freedcamp help businesses to stay organized while working virtually. It is a project management tool that caters to different needs of companies with various tools to match their requirement. Freedcamp will facilitate your team to fulfill the project tasks without missing deadlines effectively.

Routing requirements

While DNS can be a help for your business routing needs, you need to be cautious as it can permit invading traffic to your systems. If you VM capacity, the virtualization setup is a good option. A full cloud can also be used; however, it might cost you more. Some other secure setups options can also be used like disable clipboard sharing, split tunneling, and certificate-based validations.

At Boundless Technologies, we can help you get the best match for your business routing needs.


Work at home will never be a hurdle when you plan well and use critical resources to boost your business productivity. Remote access will facilitate businesses of all sizes and shapes to link with their customers, partners, and employees throughout the world. Everyone can interact and collaborate conveniently and efficiently while keeping themselves and others safe. We hope you will find a rhythm with your remote working while adjusting to the current circumstances.

Feel free to contact Boundless Technologies for any assistance to make your virtual correspondence convenient and practical.

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