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What is Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway is a merchant service granted by an application service provider that authorizes payment methods processing for E-business, E-transaction and any Online Retailers. It gives an opportunity to the customers to build a list and allow the access point authors to process the payments through debit/credit and master cards. The payment gateway can be obtained by the bank, but you may also need an IT person or software provider to properly install it on your e-commerce site.

HBL Payment Gateway is a better way to go. With us,


We Offer Payment Gateway Services

HBL Payment Gateway

In this technical and digital world, the people have important time and do not want to waste that time in the queue of the payments. In this fast world HBL internet payment gateway allows your websites, online stores, shops, mobile apps to accept payments for 24/7 through any medium visa/master card/debit/credit card. This service is available for both Pakistani and international cards. Through this service of HBL, institute and companies receive payments directly from their end users via their website. This provides ease and convenience to the customers. The security is also added to this platform through integrated fraud management tool which help to protect from internal hacking and various frauds.

As the payment gateway is becoming and popular in digital world, through which customers easily done their payments by sitting on their homes, following companies are also providing you this service:

  • MCB credit card and Allied PayPal card is now launched to access the online payment there.
  • Bank Alflah is also now providing the internet payment gateway.

Advantages of Payment Gateway:

  • Protective and secure on the web and mobile.
  • User friendly and easy to use
  • 3D secure and also verified by the Visa/Master card security codes.
  • HBL payment gateway is PCI DSS Certified.
  • It has portal of merchant where merchant perform transaction search, can download reports, doing refund and reversal of payments.
  • The amazing tool called fraud prevention tool is used worldwide. The large organization like HBL, Emirate airlines use that tool where the pattern will match and detect the fraud transaction.it allows user to enter the information at once and use that again and again.
  • HBL payment gateway supports the multicurrency; customer can transact the various currency of his/her choice.
  • HBL payment gateway also has the features to direct credit the amount in HBL account.

How to Install HBL Payment Gateway to your Site:

In present time world almost every organization uses or wants to use online payment gateway for various purposes. Boundless technologies is providing the service of installing the HBL payment gateway to your e-commerce site with complete security and verified methods. For Boundless Technologies, build of trusty relationship between us and client is very important because when you use any online gateway you have record of a single penny. So without any hesitation allow Boundless Technologies to install payment gateway for you with full verification and security.

HBL Payment Gateway is a better way to go. With us,


We Offer Payment Gateway Services

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