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2020, March 9

Content Writing & Content Marketing Strategy

With the advent of Google’s newly found interest in quality and in-depth content, content marketing has become one of the most powerful strategies of today’s corporate world. Now your audience is more informed and aware, thanks to the widespread internet culture, they know the difference between quality and thin content and can easily recognize it when you are trying to fool them. What does work now? If you want to gain and sustain clients, you have to have a strong and impactful content with an equally strong content marketing strategy.

Often, we have witnessed businesses buzzing on their social media pages without any clear and actionable content marketing strategy, which is equal to entering the battlefield without the required skills and weapons. Giving a shot to content strategy and marketing without a clear action plans no different from this and you can well imagine what happens if you fight without preparation, you get to nowhere and are soon forced out of the field.

How to plan and implement an effective content marketing strategy?

Running and managing an effective content marketing is not hard if you have spent plenty of time in planning and developing an effective content marketing plan. While each business has its unique needs and can have different content requirements, there are some things that make your content strategy easy to plan and yield tremendous results.

Audience-first-Product-second Formula:

What will you do? Build a product first or the audience? Of course the product. You will come up with a great product, make an excellent marketing plan and start promoting it on various social media platforms and through a number of resources. After all what will you promote without a product, right? Believe us when we say this, its nothing more than a myth.

While this is a usual way of running a business and promoting a product, this can be quite a time consuming and lengthy process, launching a product, getting people to listen to you and then convincing them to buy from you require truck loads of effort. Then, also, you cannot be sure that your target audience will listen to you and take your desired action.

Our bet? Turn the model over and build an audience first and offer a product or service afterwards, building an audience first will give you a lot of competitive advantages as you will get to know your audience better and can tailor your product or service according to their requirements. It is hard for us to trust a new business, we do not know anything about them, their values and whether or not we will have the kind of connection we need with it. When you build an audience first, they will get to know you and it will be easy for them to approach you when you are actually offering a service. Copyblogger Media’s founder Brian Clark started by producing content for straight 19 months and offered the product after it, Joe Pulizzi worked on his blog for 14 months and offered the services after it and we both know how successful they are. The bottom line is, the method really works.

Come up with a List of Viral Content Ideas:

It’s no secret, viral content is more shareable and inspires conversion at a higher rate, what is the definition of viral content? Jonah Berger, Associate Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School stated that useful, actionable content that is directed towards arousing strong emotions among the readers is more shareable. While it is not important that you come up with a viral content idea every time, just a few viral posts a month will do the trick, it is really important that you keep an eye on what is going on in the internet world to look for ideas that can be converted into viral and share worthy posts. How to know if your content is viral? See for the following signs:

  • Is it arousing any strong emotion? (anger, love, empathy, hatred, laughter)
  • Is it revolving around any unconventional matter? (taboos)
  • Is it revealing any secrets?
  • Is it thought provoking?
  • Is it talking to your audience?

In-depth Blog Posts and Articles:

In the throes of creating, publishing and sharing more content, as a result, there is an OCEAN of content, people start writing and posting several short posts a week and consider it as a head start in gaining more traffic and improved search rankings, but nothing like this happens. As per the latest Google algorithm, it will give preference only to the content that is well researched and of good length. Instead of writing and posting several five hundred words posts on daily basis, writing well researched and well considered articles of 2000+ words length can get the job done. According to serpIQ, articles that are 2000 words or more in length rank better in search engines and more engaging than the ones of shorter length. Marketing Experiments also shed light on the influence of long copy by stating that long copy tends to receive 30% more conversions than the shorter form. Therefore, your goal should be to produce three to four 2000 words or more articles and posts a week and promote them on your social media pages.

The Art of Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is a great way to increase your following and audience as it can do wonders for your business. While guest blogging is known for its relation with generating and increasing backlinks, we will talk about its core role in increasing your audience and elevating your status. Other than aiming to generate quality backlinks with your guest blogs, try sharing your knowledge and useful content for the purpose of SHARING only. Guest blogging works in a threefold manner, you will generate backlinks that is crucial for search indexing, you will get a chance to reach new audience and you can position yourself as an industry expert, its a win win situation. Once the new audience knows you and likes your content, you will have strong chances of converting them into your loyal patrons. How to initiate the process? Follow the 4 simple steps:

  • Make a list of blogs and sites that publish the content related to your genre
  • Follow them and see which type of posts their audience likes the most
  • Make your topics list and make sure that they are in line with what their audience likes
  • Assemble your query letter: introduce yourself, your profession, aim of writing to them and how will your post benefit their audience

Go through these steps and you are sure to get response from some of the blogs, if not, keep working till you get the desired results.

Incorporate Listicles:

Which content is easy to digest for you? The one that is written in a full paragraph format or the one having listed paragraphs? Will you be reading this post if it was not divided into headings?

Besides being comprehensible, easy to understand and absorb, lists have high search engine ratio, type any phrase and you are sure to get a few or more articles and posts based on lists. The reason why lists are so popular? They are entertaining, engaging and create curiosity among the readers, we are all curious about know that who topped the list while reading one. One of the chief advantages of adding lists in your content calendar is that no matter how long your list is, your reader will not say quit. It will increase your page’s ‘Stay’ rate that will improve your search engine rankings. Lists usually end with a question or a statement asking for the reader’s comments, which makes it quite interactive and actionable, talk about another added benefit of this content type.

Incorporate Autoresoponders in your Content Marketing Strategy

An Autoresponder series is a sequence of emails that are sent out automatically to the subscribers, it is generally used to familiarize the new subscribers with the business and the products it offers. Autorepsonders is one of the most effective marketing tactics as it keeps your clients and audience connected with you. it improves your email opening and click through rate because it builds a relationship with your subscribers.

How to create one for your business

While Autoresponders offer great benefits, they are quite a challenge to develop and maintain. It requires significant time and efforts to build an effective Autoresponder series but once written and assembled, rewards are many. Create your Autoresponders now by following the 5 simple steps:

  • Aim of your Autoresponder Series: Identify the aim of your email series, why do you want to create it? Recognize your goals and design your Autoresponder series around it.
  • Type of Content: What will you offer through your Autoresponder series? Decide what will you offer your audience, tips and tricks, special offers, eBooks or a course you will offer in the email series.
  • Content Development: When starting the Autoresponder series, it is better to start small and add sections when it progresses. Create a 5 part series and make sure that the content is useful for your readers and is easily applicable.
  • Content Arrangement: How will you share the content? There are 2 ways through which you can give the promised information to your subscribers, either share the content in the body of your email or share the link and direct the reader to your blog or website, we prefer the latter one.
  • Evaluate and Repeat: Once you have designed and implemented your Autoresponder series, evaluate the results and make the necessary changes. Repeat the whole process.

Make use of effective online Newsletters

Business newsletters are powerful marketing tactics that increases your audience reach and keep them glued to your business by providing food for thought that resonates with their business, products and services. Businesses use newsletter to keep their readers aware of their latest happenings and the content they have shared on their social platforms. Newsletters are used for promotional purposes but its approach is indirect, you must have subscribed with some of the businesses’ mailing list, have you noticed that they rarely speak of their products and discount? They are more focused on adding value to the readers’ life.

How to create one for your business

Newsletters are great when created according to your business’ and audience’s needs but they can also be a complete waste of time and efforts if you have not added the right ingredients in it. Just like your Autoresponder series, newsletters offer numerous benefits if they are properly and wisely created. While designing your newsletter, consider the following 5 steps:

  • Determine your Goals: Why do you want to have a business newsletter? Do you want to tell them about your products and services? It must be suitable for your nich market
  • Determine the Type of Newsletter: What will you share with your readers? We know that you want to share everything about your business but calm down, this does not work. Instead of trying to cover ‘everything’, focus on one core thing and create your newsletter on it. As per our experience, its better to share valuable content instead of talking about your products.
  • Strike a Balance between being Educational and Promotional: Newsletters are, and should be based on informing the readers about useful trends and content. Instead of promoting your products and services every time you send a newsletter, add useful content and make it educational rather than promotional. Your audience will get the message themselves.
  • Tell them What They will Get: What will they get after subscribing for their mailing list? Mention the offer on your subscriber’s landing page so that your subscribers know what to expect and when.
  • Minimal design and Copy: Do not clutter your newsletter with huge copy and heavy designs, when designing a newsletter, less is more. Rather than adding whole posts and content, write and add brief and engaging copy of each content piece an add a link to direct them to the main source.

Effective ways of growing email list

Email list is a part of email marketing and is used for content marketing and backend sales. Businesses use email marketing to add to their clientele database and keep the existing clients stuck to them. Besides keeping constant and continuous interaction with the customers, email marekting is also used to develop and grow quality mailing list. Every established, and even the start-up, business knows that having a quality mailing list will be their gateway to increased traffic, profit and visibility.

How to create and grow your business’ mailing list

Creating and growing your mailing list is a simple process but before starting it, you need to plan thoroughly and strategize each step carefully. Once created, the same list could be used in your Autoresponders series and email newsletters also. We have laid out a simple 8-step plan for you to work on growing your subscriber’s list right away

  • Research your audience
  • Tell the subscribers what will they get and how often
  • Keep your subscriber’s form simple and short
  • Provide quality and valuable content
  • Guarantee your subscribers’ privacy and stick to your word
  • Search other places, blogs and websites where you can promote your subscribers’ landing page
  • Evaluate the whole process and make the required changes
  • Repeat the whole process, again and again

Building a quality mailing list requires time and effort, in the beginning, you may not get your desired results but as you keep providing quality and useful content to your audience, you list will grow. Like Autoresponders and Newsletters, mailing list needs time to grow and improve and has loads of benefits.

Content marketing works best when you integrate different segments in it; blogging, guest posting, autoresponders, newsletters, mailing lists etc. work together to form a strong content strategy that goes a long way. It is time consuming and it requires creativity and patience but, the benefits are many and once you get the knack of what works best for you, it will work as an automated engine.

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