• Chairman of Consumer Association of Pakistan

    ASSALAM O ALEIKUM I am kaukab Iqbal, Chairman Consumer Association of Pakistan. As we know that we are going towards digital Pakistan, and I am a member of our IT ministry, I am the board of director. I have seen in Universal services fund minister of IT that boundless technologies is always working on web development, we have a great experience on that and logo designing, page designing and all the things because everything as a said that Pakistan is going to be digital Pakistan and for digital Pakistan boundless technologies is doing a lot of efforts, they are playing an important role and I am congratulate the whole team and I hope that they will serving for the digital Pakistan with consumer association andwe are for whole Pakistan, for who need it right now, they want that they have their page, they have their website and their attractive logo means must be unique type thing and the services they provide it also has, it also includes how your website works and their domain, you can also take domain from them and this is my and our consumer association have great experience with them, these are good working people and i appreciate their owner and their whole team so that they can work as it is andI congratulate them that the progress we are doing in Pakistan for digital Pakistan, they are with us step by step and IN SHAA ALLAH (god willing) we want to make it a digital Pakistan for Pakistan’s all institute, all departments all the people who are associated with it and in our Pakistan, the system which is developed here, the people work here online because of this Coronavirus even if they have their business, if they have their office work they have to work from home, this system is followed by the whole world. So this is important that we have to go to digital Pakistan. The whole world is working on it, and we can provide education in our colleges, universities, and all in the education is also a big factor, and for the betterment of technology, we need a lot of people. So I hope that Boundless TechnologiesIN SHAA ALLAH (god willing) will be with us in every step.


  • Director of Guls Studio

    ASSALAM O ALEIKUM My name is Muhammad Gulzar Mughal, andI’m the Managing Director of Guls Studio.Guls Studio is Pakistan’s best Event Management and Exhibition Company, which has been serving the top co-operate clients from its servicesfor the last 20 years. 15 years ago from today, we met with Mr. Hussain who is the Managing Director of Boundless Technologies, he made our company's website 15 years ago, and rest of the IT works for our company.Their team and the other employees, they all are very good with us. All the time we spent together till today, we have a great time with them. They have worked for our company in a highly professional way. Not only for our company but they also work for our clients, they build their websites,build their software, their commercials, animations, andthey are also working for our other two projects. And I wish that ALLAH give them success and achievements. ALLAH HAFIZ.


  • CEO of KK Rice Mills

    ASSALAM O ALEIKUM my name is Chela Ram Khewlani, and I am the CEO of KK Rice Mills Pvt. Ltd.We have been taking the services of Boundless Technologies for the last 10 years, which is the company of domain websiteand hosting. I can only say about them is this is not only Karachi’s best company rather than one of the best companies in Pakistan.Becausefor last 10 years, all the services are taking from boundless technologies in my company, itis a great company. I refer to my friends, and I request all the Multination companiesin Pakistan to use the services from them. One of the best service Boundless Technologies in Karachi and also Pakistan. We are 100 percent satisfied. There is no storage of services from them MASHAA ALLAH I will congratulate them, andI would also like to request my brothers to give them a chance.


  • Founder & President of Z Group

    My name isZEESHAN ALTAF LOHYA. I am the Founder President of Z Group of Companies. I highly recommend boundless Technologies, the way they handle the situations, the way they handle you know the things, we really appreciate.It's a matter of service always when you go for you know website designing and other services we always see that you know who the person who the company behind who can you know to promote marketing of your social media and they are they are the best.


  • Johar Associates

    BISMILLAH HIR REMAN NIR RAHIM. Boundless Technologies and my firm MASHA ALLAH have been together for more than 15 16 years rather, think it is at the time when people are getting knowledge about IT and web technology, andthis was felt in every industry. Andwe want a website to do international business for our work or that technology is neededfrom which we can introduce ourselves or our company to the international standard, an International requirement in the world.So when we started to think about that in the early stages, at that time, we met at Boundless Technologies. And now today, I think that it's been17, 16 or maybe 18 years. I don't remember exactly but that day and todaythat our parent's company, and sisters consent and associates companies and ALHAMDULILLAHit is increasing time to time, their all business promotions, our IT requirementsand our website requirements. This all kind of stuff is handling by Boundless only.We never ask for a quotation from any other company since then.Why is it like that?Definitely, it has a reason behind it. This means I must saythat the whole team of boundless, their leadership of the whole team and their qualitiesand the professional way. Andthe most important thing is that they are very flexible people. Whatever your requirement is, they will accommodate your budget, which is the basic rule of a professional way of business. That they won't force you; instead, they will fix up in between our project.And this is the reason that we started with, I guess, one company. And now I have companies plus mine and my friends from my recommendations, and they all are very happy. Why are they happy? Because they are giving them good services andthey are working very professionally, and I wish the whole team and their company of Boundless Technologiesthat ALLAH give them achievementsandthey fulfill people's need in upcoming days just like this.And introduce them into the international world from their technology because this will help to improve the image of Pakistan and Pakistan’s business. People will enhance their business. And the thing will go this way. Once again, I congratulate the whole team, and I wish from the core of the heart that ALLAH give them success and achievements and the company shines and makes its name famous. Thank you very much.


  • CEO, Founder of TECH Pakistan

    ASSALAM O ALEIKUM. My name Is Kanwal Masroor, and I am the CEO and Founder of TECH Pakistan. I have known Boundless Technologies for almost 8 years, and they are great in the solutions. Their website designing and social media, digital media marketing are the best in town. Whatever the portfolio they have, Alhamdulillah, we always found them the best organization in terms of services and support. They are a good organization. I endorse you to use the services of Boundless Technologies.Thank you so much.


  • Program Manager of NIC

    ASSALAM O ALEIKUM. My name is Syed Azfar Hussain, and I am the programming manager at National Informatics Centre Karachi. National Informatics Centre helps to facilitate the start-up businesses, and for these kinds ofbusinesses, we need different vendors, different companies for guidance.And the best company in them is Boundless Technologies.Boundless Technologiesis providing all services which are needed by a company for enhancing their digital presence those all services are provided by Boundless Technologies. Their website’s designs, their marketing, their digital marketing reach, their graphical presentation. Everything is done by Boundless. Boundless is doing an excellent job.It’s an amazing company, the best company for services, and I wish Boundless all the best.Thank you.


  • Consultant Dermatologist

    ASSALAM O ALEIKUM. I am Doctor Najjia Ashraf, Consultant Dermatologist. I've been with Boundless Technologies ever since I established clinical practice in Pakistan. For that, Boundless Technologies supported me so much in terms of making my website, managing my social media pages, and their maintenance. And today, after so many years, the way they have done it. Always everything's updated, update what I tell them to do. They are managing in every way. They never gave me a chance for any complaints. I'm a very happy customer, and I wish them all the best.


  • asad

    CEO AUC Technologies

    Hello I am Asad ullah Chaudhary and I provide Project management coaching and consulting globally. I need someone who can not only provide me digital marketing, website development and Search engine optimization services but also work with me as a trusted partner who can guide me to reach new targets, guide me to help me to identify the new market and grow my business and I must say that I am a happy customer of boundless technologies because they help me to achieve my target. If you are looking for one-stop solution, then my recommendation is Boundless technologies.


  • Director Learning Minds

    Hello I am sohail Zindani and I am the founder at learning Minds. We made a choice of working with boundless technologies and when you work with the technology company the problem Is not in terms of starting to work with them, the problem is once you have worked with them what kind of support you are getting? And I’m so Proud, I’m so excited to recommend you boundless technologies. Because what I admire about them is not what they created for us but how they are helping us maintain that and I think that is one of the most important thing when you make such choices and decisions. So, all the best boundless technologies for being awesome and I really hope and wish and pray that you continue spreading your awesomeness.


  • Director, CEO of HS Consultants

    BISMILLAH HIR REMAN NIR RAHIM, ASSALAM O ALEIKUM. My name is Humail Khan. I am director and CEO of HS consultant (Pvt) Ltd. We are running an educational consultancy firm for the last sixteen years. We started this business in 2003, and we have three offices in Pakistan. In Karachi, Lahore, and 2 offices in Lahore. We, we are recruiting students. And we are sending students abroad. This is our core business. And in that, if I may say so, our biggest support till today, there's only one name that's Boundless Technologies. The reason behind it we are together from 2005 or 2006 or in between 2005 and 2006, and since then, fortunately, we haven't look towards anyone to assign these tasks and our relationship grows.They are the best solution provider we have been found. They have been not only providing solutions to our IT activities and websites and applications, but they are also helping out in the troubleshooting process and especially the team advising us to generate the business as well. So in both in bothways. They are supporting us.And this is why it has been 13 14 years today than we have been associated, and I believe that this partnership will grow further because they always come up with innovative ideas. We always receive a call from them after a couple of weeks or months that sir there’s a new idea that really helps us. So they think about us, they think about their clients, and I’ve seen their growth in the last couple of years. I’ve seen their vertical growth. And the way they are growing, I believe they are reaching other top IT solutions providers in Pakistan, and they have a list ofclients, including us. A list of satisfied clients, if I’ve said. So and that’s the success of any businessthat their clients are satisfied with their services. So I really thank Boundless Technologies for their services and for their efforts to run our business actively andefficiently, and I believe they will continue to support our business. Thank you very much. ALLAH HAFIZ.


  • CEO of Lal Qila Restaurant

    Boundless Technologies is what online development is about, including Facebook, media and Twitter, etc.they are support everything, and in addition, they are supporting program these peopleare in partnership and the event which is occurring named hospitality, which is also the part of the hospitality and in this hospitality the online and digital media plays theimportant role andin order to make it successful one of the major part is Boundless Technologies. Thank you.