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2020, March 9

VULTR is the most cost effective cloud space and services provider as compared to other providers like Google and Amazon. It is the newest product on the shelf, which is making business easier and is gaining more demand and popularity among consumers. Having an entirely reliable infrastructure, VULTR is more suitable for business websites that need to keep a huge amount of data on cloud storage along with complete safety. If your business data gets leaks, it can harm the reputation and success of your business.

VULTR’s scaling process is slower as compared to Amazon and Google, this scaling process also includes the downtime of your email. Additionally, the backup and restore processes are also slower than Amazon and Google as well

Whenever the server stops, you have to pay for the whole server as if it is started from scratch. The bandwidth cost however is cheap, which is good for your business if your application uses a lot of it. There are different packages available for the users, which contain a different quantity of RAM, Processor, storage, and bandwidt

VULTR provides high-performance SSD cloud servers that boast the global footprint and has the aim of creating the most reliable and efficient service for users. It offers 100% SSD by using the latest generation Intel CPU with the feature-rich control panel.

Custom Control Panel

The most important thing in any cloud service is it’s the control panel through which,everything is controlled. VULTR’s control panel is completely designed and made by keeping the customers in mind. Many of the features available, are easy to install by just one click, which saves time of the users. With this saved time, users concentrate more on other important tasks that need to be done.

Its instant server deployment allows you to deploy your server easily with just one click instead of spending a lot of time in installation. It has quick view server health which helps you to receive instant analytics of your servers overall health. This overall health includes bandwidth, CPU usage, alternatively current funds spent.

Dedicated IP Address

It contains dedicated IP address, which can be altered easily. It’s dedicated environment allows users to grow their business by maximizing their app and server performance.

Safe and Secure Environment

Whenever someone is choosing a cloud server for storing their data on cloud storage,they get so conscious regarding the safety of data. Its better to decide for the cloud provider who assures the safest cloud storage that one can trust. VULTR provides complete security to your data that you do not need to worry about anything regarding the leakage or hacking of your data. It has an efficient anti-virus and virus protection that keeps all the malicious links away from your data

Block Storage

It also provides block storage that ensures you that you will never lose your data. It is highly available storage solution that is replicated three times which completely vanishes the chances of losing your data. This block storage feature makes the VULTR most likable and popular among users. As most of the users choose this for keeping,the data save from all sort of dangers and attacks.

Despite the scaling, VULTR is very effective if you are starting your web or ecommerce platforms. Once you start earning, you may choose to move towards other firm service providers. Get in touch with us to avail free 3 day trial now!

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