Responsibilities of a Marriage Lawyer

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2020, March 9

The lawyer is an ethical profession of any society which is mostly based upon ethics and etiquettes, character of lawyer should be a role model because they are one who fights for the innocents whenever they want justice through a proper procedure, so their character must be free from the common but envious stains of corruption, fraud etc. They are the specialist of the law of the country. A lawyer’s responsibility is to provide their client full advice in any legal matter according to the needs with full honesty, so the process goes all the way legally. The lawyer has the special responsibility of ensuring that his/her client gets quality justice.

Marriage Lawyers

Marriage lawyer is a special specification of lawyers who are the maestro of marriage laws of the country by which couples can do court marriage in the presence of the magistrate. A marriage lawyer is the one who accommodates these couples so they can do court marriage and can be called as husband and wife legally by the protection of relevant laws of marriage.

Responsibilities of Marriage Lawyer In Pakistan

In Pakistan, marriage is usually done in a huge social gathering along with the families of both bride and groom but there is a lot of money wasted on conducting and arranging these social gatherings. It is become really hard to get married according to the rules of society because one cannot fulfil society’s needs and hunger, everybody will take afterwards. For avoiding all this mental and financial problems, couples seek the protection of the law and consult a marriage lawyer in order to get married which is called court marriage. Court marriage is fully legal by the laws prescribed in the constitution of Pakistan.

  • The responsibilities of a marriage lawyerare to guide couples to the best and legal way of marriage according to the relevant law.
  • All the necessary requirements, steps and arrangement of court marriage is the responsibility of marriage lawyer.
  • In some cases, it is the responsibility of marriage lawyer to arrange witnesses of marriage from both sides (bride and groom).
  • Marriage lawyer describes all the necessary documents to the couples, it is his responsibility to guide them with the legalities and step by step procedure of it.
  • After the Nikah (Marriage), the last responsibility is to get the relevant documents from the couple and apply for the computerized marriage certificate issued by NADRA, so the marriage gets registered and can’t be challenged in any circumstances.

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