Linux or Windows Web Hosting

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2020, March 9

When it comes to choosing a web hosting server, many of us get caught between choosing from Linux and Windows-based web hosting server. Both of them are quite well known and offers great features and benefits. However, it depends on your business and the type of service you are looking for, some of the best web hosting companies in Pakistan offer both the types for their customers and you can choose whatever suits your needs.

Linux is an open source OS, which could be used, distributed and modified at both commercial and non-commercial levels. Comparatively, web hosting providers prefer Linux over Windows because Windows as a somewhat restricted system and possibilities for customization are limited. Historically in dwindling condition, Windows as now improved itself to stand with Linux.

Web hosting servers are rated on their performance, security and user experience it offers but, a server cannot be chosen on time terms only. As said before, it depends on the features and functionalities that you’re looking for. Websites using ASP, .NET, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL server files will need Windows-based hosting same as some other websites looking for more open and customizable options will prefer Linux based hosting.

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