Your Website on Top Ranking on Google with the Help of SEO (Search Engine Marketing)

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2020, March 9

Have launched a Website in Karachi Pakistan? Want to SEO it? First Read this:

Website on Top Ranking on Google with the Help of SEO

SEO is an acronym of Search Engine Optimization. You may familiar with the SEO and it's methods, if not! Have a look on it. Basically, SEO is a process to enhance the results of a particular website, blog or content on any Search engine. If we talk about SEO on Google! We have to first learn, how Google results in websites on every search? Actually, Google uses a preset algorithm to score every website. If I explain you it in simple words than it is like Google allows the empty bottle to every website, now your website will be tested or observed in terms of How many people visit you? How many other websites are linked to you? etc. So, each visit and backlink of your website are like a particle of drink. As more, you have particles as much you have a drink. Simply, Google will score your website on the quantity of your drink. Your drink will be analysed by the algorithm and among billions of other drinks, your drink will be ranked. That rank of drink is actually your website's rank.

How to rank a website on Google through SEO?

You have learned above that how Google's algorithm actually works! But how we can force Google to rank our website? For that, we use some background tricks.

Google believes that you're unique is Fresh Content

The First step to make Google believe that you're unique is Fresh Content. Google's policies are very straight forward, it will score you on the top only if you have something interesting, valuable and unique to show to Google's searchers. If you are selling something on your website, try to describe it creatively. Don't put the same descriptions like other sellers on the internet. Your content should be unique and fresh, use creativity to show Google that you can offer unique things, you don't resemble to any other in the business. Then, Google will show your website to its searchers.

What Is Google algorithm & How It Works

The Second step is Trust Building, Google algorithm only shows those websites to its searchers which are trustworthy. You will not be ranked whether you have good content or not if you are not trustful. If your website has low visitors density, Google algorithm will avoid your website. Try to contact other websites, obviously, trustworthy websites and deal with them to link their website to your website. It will show Google's algorithm that your website is linked with those websites which are already significant in its database. Then, Google's algorithm will notice your website and will show its users your website after analysing your content.

Create a Fan Community of your website

The third and very important step is to create a Fan Community of your website. I mean, if your website is an Online shopping website, then try to make people love your products. Convince them to share your content, leave comments on your website or better to ask them for testimonials. It will help Google's algorithm to rank more your website. Whenever someone will search on google about something your website relates, Google's algorithm will show your website as the best result. Because of your website's fan following.

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