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2020, March 9

Communication is the key in business. With technology’s aid, postal letters have been replaced by emails. Be it cold emails, project pitching, finalizing project details or even regular buying and selling, email has taken up on our daily life routines and has made a drastic change on how business communication was carried out 50 years back.

While there are many free email service providers in the market, it doesn’t seem very professional to have an email address with Hotmail, Yahoo or even Gmail. It doesn’t give the right and serious impression of your business and make you seem like a phony.

You may have your email configured at the same server you have you’re hosting at. However, the down side with that is often, you’re emails ending up at receiver’s spam, or junk folders. This hurdle can be overcome by opting for proper Email service providers.

Coming a renowned and trusted global IT company, G Suite edition is the best Email service provider and helps generating a custom Email that is in alignment with your company name. It operates at all levels no matter what size of business you run, having package plans for small, medium and large businesses as well.

There are three editions of G Suite;

  • Basic
  • Business
  • Enterprise


It is the professional office suite with 30 GB storage memory and costs $7 per user per month. You can connect business email to Gmail easily. You can simply create video sand have voice conferences, that are really helpful in running a business at global level. Such video conferences are more important as there are professionals who are taking part in the conference and need smooth and easy dealing with the Email. It also provides proper safety to the group messages so that users can confidently use the services. It also has security and administration control, which is so much important to keep the system working accurately.


It has enhanced office suite with unlimited storage memory and archiving, and it costs $12 per user per month. You can connect business email through Gmail and can have a secure group chat. It also provides good quality video and voice conferences with the colleagues. It has unlimited storage or 1 TB per user if fewer than 5 users. You can also perform a smart search across G Suite cloud search. It also has security and administrative control and also has control over archive and set retention policies for emails and chats. It auto reports to track user activity so searching for chats and files gets easier.


This is a premium office suite with the most advanced capabilities and controls that costs $30 per user per month. You can also connect it easily through business email to Gmail and also can conduct video and voice conferences. It also has unlimited storage or the same 1 TB storage per user if fewer than 5 users. It also has security and administrative controls.

It archives and set retention policies for emails and chats and also helps to control security center for G Suite. It auto reports to track user activity so searching the files and other data gets easier. Additionally, it also provides data loss prevention from Gmail, which will ensure the safety of data. It also provides an option to avoid data loss from the drive, which is most useful, and one can easily retrieve data from there.

G Suite is designed for work in an effective way as it is designed for work with Ad-free experience and mobile device management. They also provide 24/7 support through mobile, phone or email. It also has easy to use migration tools, which makes it easier for every user to operate business emails.

If you are looking for this highly recommended solution, you may always consult with Boundless Technologies. You may go through our page that describe all the features of this cloud based email service here. We always welcome queries and concerns and can guide you through what package is most suitable and beneficial for you.

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