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2020, March 9

eCommerce Website

Electronic commerce or business commerce or internet commerce is a market on the internet for buying and selling the products or services that include data transactions and money transfer for the execution of the whole process. eCommerce is a platform where you can sell or buy any goods or services just by a click. It has bought a revolution in the market that provides ease and comfort. Companies that invest a good amount on their e-commerce website are the ones leading the competition. To be successful in this particular market you need to conceptualized and devise a strategy to capture the customers and prospects. Let us shed light on the current scenario due to pandemic COVID-19, countries are on strict lockdown where the only way to fulfill necessities is through online shopping. According to the statistic shared on the eCommerce guide, it is expected that by 2040, 95% of purchases would be done via e-commerce.

eCommerce Website Design:

If you are thinking to start your eCommerce website, then there are few points that are worth to be noted.Firstly, identify your business model:

B2C (Business to Consumer)

This model is very common; its transaction takes place between the business and the ultimate customer. In this model, the business offers its products and services to customers. IKEA, Netflix, Nike are a few examples of the B2C model.

B2B (Business to Business)

In this model both involved parties are businesses. One business offers others with products or services, like Boundless Technologies, Xero a cloud-based accounting software, etc.

C2B (Consumer to Business)

It is opposite to B2C, here consumer offers or creates value for the business. Freelancers work remotely for the companies and help them in increasing the profit.

C2C (Consumer to Consumer)

Well in this model both parties are consumers who buy and sell their products to each other. eBay and Craigslist are the platforms for this model.

G2B (Government to Business)

This model happens when the government provides goods and services to businesses like government procurement, e-learning, etc.

B2G (Business to Government)

B2G (Business to Government)

Secondly, select which eCommerce plug-in is best for your business. These platforms vary according to use and features in it. So, it is important to select the right eCommerce considering your business needs according to your budget and preference. Apart from this, there are a few other factors that are immensely important when choosing an eCommerce platform.

  • Payment Gateway: Whichever plug-in you chose for the eCommerce website design, it should provide or facilitate preferred payment gateway by default or via the extension.
  • Design and Customization: The layout should be designed in a way that it gives a candid look and easy to use features for customers.
  • Apps and Integration: For better performance integration with third-party apps should be available like accounting software, CRM software, email marketing, etc.
  • Support: This factor helps in the long run so to have it in the initial stage will grow your e-commerce efficiently.


  • 2,921,565 websites around the globe are powered by Shopify
  • 21% share in the eCommerce market
  • Provide over 100 payment gateways solution
  • Intuitive interface with tons of templates available
  • Best for small businesses.


  • 772,000 websites around the world powered by Magento
  • It has been integrated with over 5900 extensions.
  • Good for medium-sized businesses.
  • Provides custom templates, extensions, and modules.
  • Facilitate add-ons as per demand


  • It has 150,000 active users
  • Awarded Multiple times (The GSMA Glomo Award, the 2017 DMN Awards, and AOTMP Mobility Award)
  • Fully hosted solution by the company
  • Best for large business


  • It holds a 0.36% share in the eCommerce market
  • Niche: computer software and information technology.
  • Highly customizable platform
  • Out-of-box features solution available for complex merchandise
  • Good for growing business


  • Over 3,876,748 live websites powered by WooCommerce
  • It has been integrated with Code Canyon
  • Code Canyon has sold over 1773 plugin design to it.
  • The biggest open-source eCommerce platform
  • Designed to integrate with WordPress
  • It has plenty of templates available
  • It provides unrestricted customization, order management, and free shipping
  • Best for small business


  • Over 150,000 websites around the globe
  • Fully hosted
  • It gives features like order management, shipping, reporting.
  • It also facilitates in multi-channel selling.
  • Good for growing businesses


  • Over 11,000 websites powered by Volusion
  • It furnishes standard features like site builder, shopping cart software and marketing tools
  • Best small businesses


  • It has a 0.11% share in the eCommerce market
  • Niche: computer software and retailer companies
  • The framework is open source
  • Highly flexible and provides hundreds of modules that advance the functionalities
  • Best for large businesses.

eCommerce Website Development Company:

These are a few points discussed to help you decide, either to start your journey in eCommerce or already running the venture. The future lies in eCommerce it has a broader scope that can be foresighted. Nonetheless, it can only be attainable when the right decision would be made in selecting the best plugin that fits your company’s needs. There are several companies providing solutions according to customized demands by users. This industry will grow more over the period as more people are interested in doing online shopping. It gives the borderless opportunity to mass to buy things only via one click but it requires a strong platform for this. Among all the experienced web development companies, Boundless Technologies is the leading company based in Karachi, Pakistan. Feel free to contact us for professional and creative eCommerce Website Design.

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