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2020, March 9

Businesses need to analyze their performance annually to keep track of their progress and to have an idea what did they break while going too fast. This gives them a better idea about their operational expanse versus their profitability. How much have they utilized on man power and arranging resources for them, how much did they spend on marketing and how much sale did those activities return.

To have clear visibility of entire year’s progress and productivity, Annual reports are designed. An annual report is an important document to elaborate the partners, consumers, contributors, and group the company’s development and its effects on the community. It is an ideal chance to describe the success of a business, hence it needs to be designed in a way that it provides the information with clarity using the most efficient design techniques that can trigger the right response.

Usually, the annual report consists of the following information:

  • The company’s aim
  • The company’s development or progress
  • Different business parts
  • The structure of all higher managing staff
  • The company’s effect on particular groups or sets
  • The journey of success

To get the attention of observers the data should be conceptualized; it should cover all the aspects of the company.

Following are some of the most important things you need to keep in mind while writing an annual report:

Design an annual report cover

First of all, it should be clear, which aspect of the company or what accomplishments are to be part of the theme of the annual report. The cover of the report should contain the selected theme so that the readers could easily understand the primary information of the report.

BackGround Color

The background color should be selected carefully so that it may enhance the attention of readers and they find it pleasing. It should also explain the mood of the report.

Highlight important information

For a good design of report, prominent color of fonts must be used. These colors may be used to highlight important words and critical points.

Size of Template

The size of annual report design should be such, that it may be fit in power point presentation if needed and can be converted into the power point presentation. Images, prominent color fonts, and bold letters are part of good power point presentation.

Layout Balance

There should be a balance between the images and the text used in the annual report. It must be well managed and grouped for this purpose column with the invisible line may be used.

Section Headers and Page Brakes

In every part of the annual report, a new subject is presented. For this purpose, a well designed header section should be used which elaborate the new subject. If a particular part is to be highlighted, then the color box is the best in use. But the color selected should be sober like grey or any other light shade.

Make visual data

When you are writing an annual report, having multiple types of figures, it is a smart idea to go with infographics as an essential factor. You should explain the facts and figure of the report by showing some visual data. Make graphs, pie charts or any kind of graphics to illustrate your explanation and its figures. This method will have a significant impact at your annual report. Instead of writing the facts and figures in words, you can use different icons for that information which will make it look more prominent and easy to understand. It is also an easy way to deliver the information and adds an impression.

Different images and scales will spot the light on the critical information if your annual report. Visual representation has a significant impact on the reader, and it is a fact.

Bold the important points

Annual report designing is not an easy task. You do not get too many images and infographics for many topics. Still, you need to point out the essential points of the annual report. In such cases, you should bold all the critical points, facts and figures to make them prominent.

Bold all the dominating points of your report on every page of the annual report. This gives it an imposing look. Another innovative thing to do, is to give a color to the bold sentences or highlight with a color. This makes the annual report design, look more attractive. To bold, the essential points of your report is a very functional way.

Use proper spacing

Another essential annual report designing technique is to use proper spacing. An annual report contains a lot of content and if the spacing is not done precisely, the content will get mixed up and will be difficult to read. Proper spacing gives a proper view of the annual report, and every point looks clear. You should also spare some margins on both sides of the content to standardize your annual report.

Visualize the data in chunks

Every bit of the content in your annual report should be linked to each other. The reason for linking the content is so it makes sense and gets easy to comprehend. Every heading of annual report contains different content, but few of them have the content of similar context, which should be linked. Your annual report should be in chunks or chapters. Every chapter should have specific information, and the content of next chapter should go with its heading. This will give a proper flow to the report.

You can also use a common color theme to connect the content having similar subject or intent. This provides a clear understanding for the reader. Every information should be present in a contained space. As the reader goes through the report, he/she gets a clear picture, and the information is easy to digest.

Create a one-page summary

Your whole annual report designing will be full of content. Most of the readers like to have an outlook or idea of the report. To give a proper idea of the whole annual report, you should create a one-page summary. This summary should be containing the critical points of your annual report. This is how the reader will take more interest to know the facts and figures of the key points you mentioned in your annual report.

It is not necessary to write some content in the one-page summary. You can also make a chart or graph and show all the vital information on one page. This is also a more attractive approach than the written content.

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