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2020, March 9

What business wouldn’t like to go for cloud hosting services, it’s reliable, faster and puts you in control. As a business person, everyone needs to have a proper cloud storage for running and storing business data. Linode is the most cost-effective cloud provider as compared to any others mainly because of the reliability it provides for your data. This platform is most popular in the category of mid priced hosting service. It has reliable infrastructure but has slightly slower backup or restoring processes and scaling processes including the downtime as well. Whenever the server stops, we will charge for starting it again. It has packages with different storage capacity, RAM, bandwidth, and processor; these also have different prices according to the services they are providing.

Dedicated Environment

Boundless technologies are working for the enhancement of business and to maximize the resources for making a business profitable by providing a more dedicated environment to the users so they can work efficiently without any interruption. This maximizes the server and app performance more efficiently.

SSD based Hosting

SSD based hosting is always 3 times faster than other hosting systems, and it also reduces the page loading time by keeping the working of the website more efficient and reliable.

Auto Healing Managed Cloud Servers

Whenever your cloud server faces any damage or attack, which is harmful to your important data, it is necessary to keep the data safe. Therefore, this hosting service provides auto healing managed cloud servers that will keep all sort of dangers and viruses away from the site.

  • It provides unlimited application installation for ensuring the effective usage and efficient performance of the website. Unlimited application installation allows the user to have all the applications that are helpful for making the business to flourish efficiently. l It also provides automated backups which keeps the data safe from getting lost and discarded in case of an attack from the hacker or by any of the virus. This automated backup keeps backup of all the data, which is necessary so that one can retrieve the data whenever he or she needs it.
  • You can work in teams and partnerships so that you can increase the pace of your business. So you can easily add team members on your website for working more effectively with them.
  • You can also have a server transfer opportunity by this hosting system so that you can easily work from anywhere through any of the servers without losing any data.

Security of Data

Keeping your business data safe is the most important thing a business person needs to have so that he or she can flourish and increase the business strength among competitors. It contains OS level firewalls that filter out all the malicious traffic and keep the intruders away from your website. 1 click SSL installation also increases the security of your website with a trusted certificate so that you can keep your business data safe. This helps to keep the competitors and intruders away from your business data, which reduces the chances of damage and harm to your business. Additionally, Boundless Technologies also provides a trial period of 3 days and after this time ends the server will automatically get removed. You may may choose to continue using the solution by letting us know.

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