How To Design A Free Website

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2021, March 12


Hello, everyone reading! It’s me, again, Aayan! Today, our topic is about creating a website, that too for free! I mean, who does not love free? Am I right? So, what is a website? If you don’t know what a website, then you definitely live under a rock, Well, in a simple and basic definition, a website is a webpage containing a hyperlink created by an individual or a group of people. Interesting, is it not? Now, if you find this interesting, I am pretty confident that, you will also want to create a FREE website of your OWN! In this article, we will be talking about different ways to create a website, whether be it paid or free. So, let us not waste time further and get into our topic.

How To Create A Free Website

If you are reading this article, it is very obvious that you clicked on this article for one reason and one reason only, and that is how to create a free website! There are many ways to create a website for free. You can either do everything independently, which will take A LOT of time, or you can follow the instructions given in this article, which will take MUCH LESS time so you do not have to waste so much of your precious time. The best way to design a free website, that will waste no time is to find yourself website builder(s). Who is a website builder? In simple terms, website builders are tools that construct your website giving you all power and control, they let you design whatever you want, either with templates or you design it out of scratch.

Some website builders are:

  • Wix
  • SITE123
  • Strikingly
  • WordPress

Now, certainly, these websites are all great and all of them are for free, but, they do have PAID features, like,, wix has many paid features like if you get a premium membership, you can get rid of the “wix” watermark, or if you get a premium membership, you get access to many more templates

Wix is very easy to use, it comes with great features, and it gives you so much creative freedom over your site’s design thanks to its wonderful editor.

What I love about wix is:

The freedom wix gives you – you can drag anything to wherever you want, making it basic and simple to align things up exactly how you want them! The template and designs – the templates and designs are great in wix! It gives you limitless templates to design your web. 3 Undo feature – if you press CTRL+Z, you can undo your changes.


SITE123 is an easy-to-use website constructor that concentrates on assisting you to get online. SITE123 is perfect for newcomers who want to build a pleasant, manageable website. It’s effortless to set up, but if you want to get artistic and push the limits of your website layout, then SITE123 is not made for you. It’s very cramped, and the free website you get is a mixture of words and figures, which is a tremendous thumb-down.

Features of SITE123:

Its beneficial traits– if you have void online experiences and want a moderately easy construction knowledge, SITE123 is a comprehensive selection. Its support – SITE123’s live chat is there to serve during the website construction method, which is excellent if you get grounded. The productive aid – easily determine your business and site name, moreover, SITE123 constitutes your primary site for you. It has pre-loaded fonts and tone recommendations to assist you too!


A simple-to-use handy builder which produces pure, stylish, unique websites. Strikingly is a manageable, easy to use candid website developer that’s most suitable for personal instead of business websites. Strikingly’s center focus is arranging you online inexpensively, efficiently, and swiftly. Because of this, you don’t have the identical level of productive limitation as some of the more spontaneous website builders, like Wix.


Built for blogging, this candid program has all the specialties you require for your blog, joining sturdy means with an interpreted website builder design. WordPress is developed for blogging, and it bestows. Far-reaching blogging traits are built-in, such being analytics, a search feature, remarks, sample categories, archiving, including more. There is also 3GB of storage on a proposal, which is six times that of all platforms on this list. If you want to produce anything other than a blog, though, you might strive. It’s additionally not the most comfortable builder to use, so I don’t advise it for beginners.

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