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December 5, 2018
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There was a time when people would stop someone on the street and say, “Do you have a minute?”, now it’s said, “Do you have a sec?”

Time is the same as it has always been, however, with all these gadgets and technologies, our lives have become fast … very fast! We rush through our routine accomplishing more than we should in a day, and still feel the need to have something more done. We spend so much time online, it’s not even funny, someone even came up with the idea of virtual hang outs so you could be with your friends, no
matter where you physically are; in the car, at your office and being lazy bones in your home. And well, off course the shopping. Being at the virtual store, where you can’t actually hold the product in your hand, you find the need of asking questions and receiving answers in real time, instead of waiting for that email to get responded. So live chat is the best option to provide an easy access for your customers.

In the past, not all of the business persons and website developers were much interested and knew about the technology. However, these days WordPress has made many things clear and easier enough for websites and on-site content. Developers can easily check out their content for SEO and can upload quality content without any error.

WordPress is the best and free platform for content management;
• It is associated with blogs, online stores and many other forums
• The most used content management system by the websites
• Based at PHP and MySQL technology, it has different web template
systems along with template processors.
• Having multiple themes and thousands of of templates allow users to
use different functions
• over 55,286 plugins and add new features to their websites
Search engine optimized
• The client portals to assist the clients to have quality content

The Live Chat Plugin

3 - WP Live Chat - WordPress Live Chat Free Plugin

The WordPress Live Chat Plugin allows sellers to communicate easily and effectively with the users. It allows an easy access to the consumers and on-site visitors, so that they can easily attain help from the owners and developers of the website.


Usage of the live chat box is not difficult at all! All you need to do is add the live chat box along with checkout. This makes the communication faster than any other mean; for answering the chats of customers, chat operators need to log into one of the live chat apps. The free, and single subscription based live chat is also a 30-day trial time for testing its features;

• Live chat for a web browser
• live chat for windows
• and others like that.
• You can also install them on phones as we also have mobile apps for live

Important Features

There are so many elegant and fancy features that sound too good to be true in such a cost effective manner, like;

• visitor tracking
• live chat triggers
• feedback
• ticket form
• and live chat transcripts

Additionally, it has multi-channel communication, customizable live chat, canned responses, and mobile live chat apps. There are also multilingual chat plugins at WordPress, so anyone may communicate easily in their language and acquire most effective understanding of the conversation.

Remove Queries and Make Strong Relations

Customers can easily get the answers to their questions and can clear their queries. Live chat at your website is so helpful in increasing the visitors and sales revenue for your brand or products. This live chat forum is the best way to remove all the queries and doubts of the customers. So that they can easily decide between visiting and taking the services from your website. By removing the objections of the consumers, you can easily make strong relationships with your customers.

This plugin is the most intriguing and compelling feature that one can have for their website. As most of the times when visitors come for getting the information, they leave the site without searching much. There is very limited time available to people, as everyone is too busy in their lives. So this live chat forum can serve as the best time saving feature of the website.

Efficient Customer Service

This live chat on your website helps making strong relations with the customers as you help them out whenever they need the support. There is a cool feature of multiple live chat sessions available at WordPress live chat. You can send canned responses to a number of customers for frequently asked questions. You can easily review chat transcripts and add chat tags. So that you can send these in the live chat, window and can change the services according to their interests.

Additionally, there are also some proactive chat invitations that invite the visitor to chat whenever they log in to your website. Chat operators can automatically send the custom message to some visitors. This will lead the customers to approach you even if they are about to leave the website.

24/7 Live Chat Service

2 - WP Live Chat - WordPress Live Chat Free Plugin

In addition to the multiple chats, it also provides 24/7 customer service for better communication. It has a built-in ticketing system of 24/7 customer service provided to the customers. If there is no chat operator available at some moment, the chat box is replaced by ticket form, how amazing is that! This ticket form makes it possible for the customers to ask questions even when you are not available. There are also some cases or questions of the customers that are not possible to solve in a single chat. So these tickets can be used for solving these cases by spending more time.

Increases Sales

As said earlier the live chat makes it easier for the website to make strong relations with the customers. Proactive live chat invitation makes the visitors interested in your website and through this live chat it becomes easier for the website to earn more profit. As WordPress live chat allows the customers to ask questions about the product they want to buy. So after clearing out their doubts, they will surely buy your product. Additionally, this live chat also helps you to understand what your audience wants from you. You can use this information for improving your services and products so that customers will surely get satisfied with your services.

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