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Wildcard SSL Certificates

 Wildcard SSL certificate will allow you to certify ad secure single main domain and unlimited sub-domains. It is a great option for ecommerce businesses, as they need to add more pages and listings and for businesses who are planning to have sub-domains, or sub-categories, of their business. Once a business earns a wildcard certificate, all of its sub-domains will be automatically covered, which will augment clean, flexible and simple management processes.

Wildcard certificates are ideal for businesses and entities having a growth plan including addition of sub-domains. However, they can also upgrade their single domain certificate whenever needed. To the price side, they are quite cost effective and economical as compared to having multiple single certificates for each domain. Moreover, multiple certification also calls for higher management and time, which may not be possible for many businesses. Therefore, if you think that you may expand your business in coming years, go for this certificate and it will all be covered.

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RapidSSL Wildcard

  • 256-Bit Encryption
  • Minutes Issuance Time
  • Great For Personal Websites
  • Warranty Value USD $10,000
  • Site Seal
  • Free Reissues
  • Browser Support 99.9%
  • 1 Year Rs:20000.00/yr
  • 2 Years Rs:17500.00/yr
  • 3 Years Rs:13333.33/yr

GeoTrust True Business ID Wildcard

  • 256-Bit Encryption
  • 1-3 Days Issuance Time
  • Great For Business & Ecommerce
  • Warranty Value USD $1,250,000
  • Site Seal
  • Free Reissues
  • Browser Support 99.9%
  • 1 Year Rs:50000.00/yr
  • 2 Years Rs:42500.00/yr
  • 3 Years Rs:41666.67/yr

Delivered in Minutes for Instant Protection

The fastest and most affordable way to activate SSL protection for your website, issuance is quick and often fully automated.

Trust Site Seal

Our SSL Certificates come with a trust seal that has been proven to increase visitor confidence and customer conversions.

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Strongest & Fastest SSL

99.9% Browser Compatability

Market Leading Security

Recognised & Trusted Brand

Instant Issuance

Free Reissues

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