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2020, March 9

The virtual private server is a type of bridge between a shared hosting and dedicated server. Though each client shares the VPS hardware resources they are given the advantage of having a separate and dedicated computer or core server reserves. VPS web hosting system is like one single unit of hosting server but it actually works as multiple servers independent of each other.

Even though like a shared platform you get to share your hosting resources with others but still, VPS has lot more limited restrictions and limitations. Instead of sharing the space with hundreds of other websites, a VPS is divided into several smaller slices, the servers and, normally, there are 10 to 15 users per server. This gives a lot more personalized and private environment as compared to a shared one where you are likely to be dependent on other users and their website’s performance of course.

VPS is offered by a number of reputable and top web hosting companies in Pakistan and the plans usually start with $10. Some of the well known and good web hosts include;

  • InMotionhosting.com
  • RoseHosting.com
  • InterServer.net

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