How To Remove The Virus or Trojan From The WordPress Based Website

December 7, 2018
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Virus and Trojan

The ease of use provided by WordPress is remarkable and this has made it so popular in developers as well as business owners. Now anyone can have a fancy looking website in a few clicks. There are so many different designs, called themes, that have multiple plugins to have a rocking website in a few hours.

This has changed the direction of web development altogether. The web developers and designers who used to find clients in order to make money, now simply come up with a design and create a WordPress theme out of it. They then can sell such fantastic themes at their own website or at the WordPress market place.

While a few themes are even for free, it is always important to note why are they there for free. Usually fresh developers do so to acquire the market and place a cost at the plugins, which seems to be a fine practice since they need to pay their bills as well. There are others who actually misuse their talent and see ways to sneak into your servers and computers or lead traffic to their unethical websites. They introduce virus or Trojan to the themes.

A Trojan is the malicious computer program, which can mislead the user. People who are providing WordPress themes locally, use malicious codes. This leads the website to get hacked as the theme is designed just to hack the websites. So whenever you are getting a theme do make sure that it’s free from all types of Malware and viruses. It is always better to get a theme from well-known market places, as they perform all the checks prior to placing the themes at the shelf for sale.

Signs to Look for Trojan and Virus

Hackers usually install the virus or Trojan at a specific place on the website. To identify such virus, first and most important thing is to identify the location of the virus. The two important and common locations for insertion of the virus are footer.php files and style.css file. Then there are different basic files in the theme that are important for the functioning of the theme. If there is an additional file in the WordPress that is without .php function, there might be something fishy about that theme.

Few signs can help you detect the virus or Trojan in your website.

Google Warnings
There are warning messages by Google, that try to make you aware about thepresence of any virus. When there is an attack of virus or Trojan at your website, it will appear blocked or partially blocked with warning signs.

√ White Screen of Death
Whenever white screen appears at your site, it is a sign that the website has an attack of a virus. This harming virus may lead your site to exploit and appear to be as a white screen of death.

√ htaccess Pirate
When your .htaccess file is corrupted, it will keep on redirecting. You become unable to open the site because of redirection due to any Malware or virus. This redirecting will lead you towards other unknown spam links, usually unethical ones.

√ Popups

Popups usually are mean to attract most of the visitors and make them your potential customers. But if there are popup ads at your website that start redirecting visitors towards malicious links, not meant by you. Such redirections usually happen when one closes a popup. This clearly means that your website is under the danger and has an attack of some dangerous virus.

√ Scan For Viruses

If you want to identify whether some virus and/or Trojan has infected your WordPress theme or not, simply scan your website with any antivirus program. The scanning may help you detect suspicious files and external invaders so that you can take a careful action to remove that error or virus from your WordPress theme.

√ Check the Authenticity of Theme

The authenticity of a WordPress theme makes it obvious that there is no invader on your website. This is the plugin with the help of which you can scan all the theme files for finding out all the malicious files and viruses. If it finds any suspected file in your WordPress theme, it will direct you to the path of the infected file. So you may easily, access the Trojan and remove it from your website. Additionally, this is considered as the last solution for detecting the virus. Because while going through this process you may infect your site by another virus.

How to Remove the Virus or Trojan from the Site?

Virus Or Trojan. - How To Remove The Virus or Trojan From The Wordpress Based Website

Removing the virus from your website is prudent. As with the growing technology, there is an increase in the misuse of technology as well. Therefore, on the first hand, you need to be aware of the viruses and Trojans in the WordPress theme. By keeping yourself updated from new viruses and Trojan attacks you can easily avoid these type of accidents. Nevertheless, if any virus attacks your sites, you need to clean your site up from this Trojan. There are different processes through which you can clean up your WordPress theme;


You can remove the virus from your WordPress theme by updating your website with the latest version of the theme. Additionally also update all the plugins and themes of the WordPress. This will help you to renew your website by having the latest versions in which hackers cannot invade again.

Changing Passwords

Changing Password - How To Remove The Virus or Trojan From The Wordpress Based Website

By changing the passwords of the sites, you can avoid the threat from the virus or Trojan. You should change the passwords of admin as well. If the admin’s password is not changed, virus or Trojan can easily invade your website again, as they still have the key to access your site again.

Make Backups

You just need to make a backup of your website content so that you can keep the data safe. In this way, whenever your site gets infected by a virus, and you also have an updated version of WordPress. You can find your web content from that backup file and easily have the website running back in no time.

Bullet Proof Security

Blood Proof Security - How To Remove The Virus or Trojan From The Wordpress Based Website

This is one of the best security plugins of WordPress to avoid any sort of hacking from Trojan attack. This plugin contains an MS Malware scanner that scans all type of viruses and Trojans. You can easily scan your all files on the website. It also provides login security, database backups, anti-spam and regular monitoring. By using this security tool, you can efficiently keep your website clean from all sort of viruses.

We hope you don’t run into a situation where your website gets infected by a
Trojan or a Virus, in case you … you now know what to do!

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