The proposed kuickpay is a complete payment solution that allows any organization to collect payments from its customers quickly and easily via online payments.

The issuer organization issues vouchers/invoices to its customers that can be used for receiving payments through channels connected to 1Link BPS

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Kuickpay provides access to the relevant services detailed below:

Key Business Drivers:

Online payment channel
Hassle free Consolidated collection for all branches/campuses
Reconciliation and Settlement
No Infrastructure Setup or Application required
Real-time notifications and alerts
Pre-Connected Banks Network
API Engine for Institution Integration

How it works – Payment

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How it works – Settlement

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Organization Signs-up with kuickpay Payments
Settlement Account Configured


Payer Gets Voucher on Email/ kuickpay Portal/ Organization Portal
Payer Pays Voucher via ATM/Mobile/Internet Banking/Credit Cards
kuickpay Engine Validates Voucher and Processes Payment
kuickpay Engine Notifies Payer and Institution
Payer Gets Confirmation on Email/kuickpay Portal/Organization


Organization Gets Confirmation on Email/ kuickpay Admin Portal


Settlement Bank Receives Payment
Payment Disbursed to Organization’s Bank Account

Voucher Setup

Organization Uploads/Integrates Vouchers/Invoices/Orders


Consolidated Online collection for all branches/campuses
No Infrastructure Setup or Software required
Cost savings of around 20K USD (One Time) and 25K PKR a month
Real-time notifications and alerts
Pre-Connected Banks Network
API Engine for Integration
Integrated Loyalty Platform

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Ideal for:

Cinema/Online Tickets
Real Estate
Educational Institutions
Other/All Online Payments
Other/All Recurring Payments

Features and Services:

Users/Payer Management
Voucher/Invoice Upload/Integration
Payment Inquiry/Monitoring
Settlement Reports
Dispute Management
Payer Self-Service Portal
Integrated Loyalty Platform

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