Protect Business Against Corona

How to prove your Business is Disinfected from Corona?

Covid-19 pandemic continues to infect across the globe. In addition to the severe impacts for the people’s life and the healthcare facilities, coronavirus is creating a substantial impact on businesses as well as the economy. In this blog, we are going to highlight some important reasons and aspects on how to prove your business is prepared and responding well against the outbreak while preserving the trust of their consumers.

Tell them that your business is safe and responsible!

Such as Boundless Technologies where our team has always been cautious for the health and safety of our staff and workplace. But how do we ensure that our business is disinfected from the current pandemic and safe to work with? Following are some of the most significant measures that we take to avoid any risk linked with Covid-19 spread:

  • We stay calm.
  • We follow the safety plan.
  • We believe in effective communication with our team to make them aware of the consequences and impacts of our activities, good or bad.
  • Ensure cleaning habits throughout the organization.
  • Random checking of employees’ health and temperature.
  • Focusing more on WFH culture and strengthening the same to meet the emergency.

Following the above-mentioned practices, a business can develop confidence in its consumers and portray itself as a responsible organization. It shows the interest and motivation of a business to overcome any challenge and still performing their best even when the time is not-so-good.

Reap Benefits

When there is a challenge, there is always an opportunity hidden beneath a layer of doubt. If your business is able to unleash that layer of doubt and proceed with confidence and proper planning, then your business can win your consumers’ conviction not for the current situation, but for future as well.

However, this can’t be as easy as it looks, constantly looking for new customers is the key to obtain an advantage during this time period. Providing your sustainable services during this period is like proving your customer that you are on top of things.

Altered services with regards to the current situation is also very important and your customers should be aware that you are operating efficiently and can be relied, sending across the constant updates with regards to your operations and services to the customer will be very helpful.

For example, we at boundless technologies have created awareness campaign using our latest technologies. We design a detailed video shoot with our Drone technology combined with HD imaging to convey our concerns and measures to ensure our consumers that we stay abreast no matter what.

Making sure to maintain the same level of services always, even after the outbreak is gone, is also an important step to ensure business efficiency and credibility in the long term.

The Covid-19 pandemic is something unexpected and definitely bring along challenges with it. Therefore, identifying the challenges at the very first stage is the key to success. Identifying challenges from operational aspect to communication between the teams and customers and executingthe business activity bearing in mind the cleanliness and hygiene is the most important requirement of the current situation.

Once the challenges are identified, foremost important thing is to create a multilayer solution/ execution plan for it and the plan should be flexible enough to be adjusted into daily operational requirement with minute changes in order to save time and effort.

Keep a close tap on the technology being used and constantly updating it is very important in this scenario.

At Boundless Technologies, we are making sure that SOP’s being issued by Government of Pakistan and WHOare being followed properly, for example;

  • Lockdown timings are being respected.
  • Avoiding physical contact and conducting online meeting.
  • Operational activities which require physical presence of the staff, is being monitored and checked after every 4 hours, ensuring the health and safety of the staff.
  • Staff travelled before lockdown was recommended to self-isolation for 14 days.
  • Regular sensitization is being done.

Current scenario can be a threat as well as an opportunity to grow, it is up to your business intelligence to convert this threat into a success.At boundless technology as your reliable business partner we are always ready to share our business expertise to help you during the current challenging environment. Stay Safe!