Top Benefits of .PK and Domain Registration

January 13, 2018
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Top Benefits of .PK and .COM.PK Domain Registration

Wondering which domain extension will be the best choice for your local business? Country Code TLDs are a great choice for the businesses that want to target local audience; being country specific means that such domains offer greater local search benefits and ranking. Talking of Pakistan, .PK domains are largely used by businesses that want to target and market their business to local audience. Country specific domains are the domain extensions that have country name initials at the end, like .UK, .US, .AU, .PK for Pakistan etc.

Unlike international domains that are inclusive of anything, country specific domains facilitate business owners in targeting and finding potential customers in specific area or country. Advantages of country code TLDs, or benefits of .PK domain, extend outside the geographical targeting and in this article, we will take you through some of the chief benefits of having .PK domain for your industry.

1. Better Audience Identification and Targeting

Before targeting, you need to know who your potential audience is; the process of researching and finding the right audience is time consuming, and can be frustrating at times, but believe us, all the hard work is worthwhile. Country specific TLDs can be a helpful weapon in your marketing arsenal; when you choose a country code TLD, it makes it convenient for you to find and display your business to the right audience. Unlike international domains that are inclusive, ccTLDs like .PK domain free you from the worry of geo-targeting as it help you in identifying and aiming the right audience. For example, you have an online boutique offering traditional embroidered dresses, you ideal audience are the people residing in cities and are looking for such dresses. This way, business that wants to reach Pakistani audience can benefit a lot from a .PK and .COM.PK domain as it gives better geo-targeting and audience identification.

2. Search Engine Benefits

As the name suggests, country code TLDs are related to specific countries like .CA is used to reach Canadian audience, .CN is used for Chinese audience and .DE is for the Germans. Google loves ccTLDs and giving it what it loves is an investment that every business should make. It uses country specific domains to determine your chosen location and ranks them higher among other localization indications like servers and geo-targeting, which becomes irrelevant when you have a ccTLD. All the major search engines, like Google, prefer country specific domain names as it becomes easier for them to find and display the right information to the tight audience. For example, when searching for web hosting and designing companies in Pakistan, Google will rank those websites high that have specified their targeted location in their domain name. Making through the directories, building quality links, improving site traffic are some of the main benefits of .PK domain.

3. Increased Credibility

Who would you trust, a known or an unknown? The case is relevant in internet world also, people incline to trust the local websites or businesses more than the international ones and this is one of the many benefits of .PK domain. Having country specific domain extension creates a sense of belonging in the visitors as they can relate with them easily. A .PK and .COM.PK domain will create a deeper sense of affiliation than an inclusive .com or any other domain extension. No matter where a person is, they never forget their roots, an element that draws them closer to things that are reminiscent of it. The same theory applies to ccTLDs also; people from Pakistan relate easily with .PK domains as they remind them of their homeland. Customers trust local brands because they are easily track-able and accessible, which is not possible if you purchase from an international vendor. Other than this, many consumers are comfortable dealing with people who are from the same region as it gives them ease of communication.

4. Cost Effective Option

Many of you must be thinking that having a ccTLD, along with a traditional domain, requires solid investment but, surprise, you don’t need to crank your account to get a .PK and .COM.PK, or a country code domain extension. One of the key benefits of a .PK domain is that it is economical and perfectly in line with your business requirement of reaching concentrated local audience. Depending on the hosting company, a .PK domain can be anywhere between Rs. 1100 to 1500 a year, which is close to what you may pay for a .com domain. Just do you research and see where you can find the best prices and believe us, all this investment will pay back once you penetrate into the local market.

5. Wide Choice of Names

Choosing a .PK domain gives a wide range of domain name choices including top level domain names. Besides, it also gives businesses an opportunity to choose domain names in regional languages like Sindhi, Punjabi, Urdu, Pashto, Baluchi etc. Making use of roman alphabets, Pakistani businesses can adapt the names as per their business requirements and operations like,, and many others. Apart from this, many country specific domain extensions also come with precise functionality of displaying the content in multiple languages. For example, your target audience belongs to Punjabi community and you have a .PK ccTLD, displaying the content in Punjabi will reap greater benefits than if it is in any other language.

6. Capitalize on Potential

Want to increase your business exposure and prospects? Consider having a country specific domain extension besides the traditional .com and .org extension. The process is simple and can be really fruitful if stacked strategically with your business’ marketing efforts. A traditional international domain targets everyone regardless of their geographical location and, hence, it is comparatively concentrated than country specific domains. While an international domain will help you in reaching global audience, a ccTLD will help you in reaching national audience and boost your sales and business. For example, you have an online spa store, keeping in view the potential of this industry, you can benefit from both national, Pakistani, and international sales and exposure. However, if you only have a traditional domain, you’ll need to work really hard to gain visibility as there are a huge number of brands that operate in the same industry. A .PK domain will allow you to reach local audience where competition will be less and you can easily maximize your business potential.

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