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Odoo ERP

The curious nature of human beings lead them to innovation. As businesses expanded  from a single shop to multiple and moved on to cover cities and countries, operations  management became more complex than it ever was. While a few enterprises opted  for isolated management modules, others simply couldn’t rely on it. They had to see  things in total. Hence came in a solution that could integrate multiple applications so  enterprise owner can work their way smoothly. Such solutions provide a lot of assistance in automating back office operations.

odoo - Odoo ERP

Odoo is one such enterprise resource planning and management software that comprising of an integrated suite of business modules. It includes customer relationship management (CRP), e-commerce, accounting, billing, project management and many other things like that. All these modules effectively aim to communicate with each other for exchange of information. It has over 30 main modules that are updated on the regular basis. In addition, there are more than 16,000 third-party plugins that are easily available at its app store. Customers can start with subsets and also have the freedom to add more modules if and when needed.

Previously known as an OpenERP and was available at the cloud and different where business owners could use, it is the best cloud ERP and is highly customizable. Customers can access the settings of the software and can make changes in the modules according to their requirement based on the events or organization. Odoo can also easily integrate with other systems including payments and external shipping like Amazon and eBay. It is available in two versions; one is free, and the other one is paid, along with android apps for the paid version.

Features/ Modules of the Odoo ERP

Being an open source solution, the modules can be convinently modified at its code level. Its expanse or breadth has tools that address sales, the invoicing point of sale, Email Marketing and more. Here are some modules, which represent the ERP’s functionality;


One can easily maintain inventory and sales through automated stock adjustment and reporting. The customer portals allow maintaining data in an organized manner. Customers can download the invoice and can have a look upon different orders, along with pending orders through the same location.

Inventory - Odoo ERP


Odoo offers unique double entry inventory management that helps track the product from supplier to the customer. Customers can also pack their items with or without the barcode scanners according to their need. It prepares orders for customers in accordance to their availability.

Accounting - Odoo ERP


Odoo offers an invoice system which allows customers to add their data, and provides instant access to the accounting features through mobile devices. With a single click, different companies can easily deal with the issues related to the assets.

CRM - Odoo ERP


Odoo provides a dashboard that details information about sales and products. It also helps the customers to have experience and strategies so they may configure and deploy their CRM effectively. In addition, it also has a mobile user interface that accommodates the sales team even without an internet connection, and restores data to cloud once connected to the internet.

Manufacturing ERP 1 - Odoo ERP

Manufacturing ERP  

Multiple companies can efficiently use this to manage their assembly and manufacturing operations. It also triggers the quality check for the manufacturing department so that customers can have the quality products.


Odoo has an excellent module when it comes to Employee management. The employ module can hold the details about all the employees; their name, ID and status. Customers can list down weekly or monthly work so you can get to know about the time spent by the employee on the project.

Odoo ERP Implementation

There are three different ways through which you can imply the Odoo ERP. Customers can implement;
the software by themselves
with the help of Odoo by purchasing success packs
with the help of Odoo partners
During the implementation phase, customers receive assistance from the project managers of Odoo as they are assigned to check the requirements of the customers. This enables the customers to define the solution with respect to their needs and business requirements, that is in accordance with their work flow and business model.

Best Customer Service

Odoo offers training, free trial, videos and user documentation for testing the software as different companies check the software. Customer owning a success pack get assisted with live chat or application around the clock from Monday to Friday. Customers can always ask questions regarding the Odoo apps for their better understanding. The training packages are molded with respect to customers’ comfort; they may choose to pay for software training for a single class or for an year. It is a very cost effective solution and costs $20 per user per month and the $25 per user per month for new users and also the additional cost of applications ranging between $15and $90. It does not provide phone support, and it is advisable to acquire proper training for people who do not understand ERP, or haven’t used one before.