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landing page - Landing Page

In today’s technologically evolved era, having a digital existence is inevitable to a business’s long-term success. Having a website and social media presence, a business can gain consumer interest, increase sales and expand their reach.

Landing pages are created to facilitate a specific activity you wish a user to opt-in relation to your business goals. Landing pages help to enhance customer relationships, business intelligence and the success of your promotional activities. Try using a landing page in your next campaign and see for yourself!

But first, get a better idea of what is a landing page and how it can benefit your online business.

Landing Page Design By definition

A landing page is a portion of a website where users ‘land’ by clicking a hyperlink on another page. It is normally a single page which is designed for an objective, for example, a demo, a sales funnel or an overview of product/service. It is an effective and meaningful way to engage the user and facilitate them to complete some sort of action on your website like gathering visitor’s information through a simple form in exchange of a package. Mostly the landing page is focused on one product as desired by the customer.

How it works?

A customer sees a CTA and ends on a landing page with a form after the form is filled, the visitor is converted into a business lead/ potential. Information gathered in the form is then stored into the database, segregated as per the search/ preferences criteria from the customer. Upon marketing the product/ services you focus on the database you have gathered through the form, which helps to target the correct customer with their desired packages and increases chances to move them faster from the marketing funnels.

Components of an Attractive Landing Page

Once all the research is ready you can create a landing page but still, it needs some special strategy to design it.

Below mentioned points should be considered while creating a landing page and to make it successful and attractive:

  1. The Headline: the first impression is the last impression. In your landing page heading will be the first thing to grab readers’ attention, obviously, you do not want it to be the last thing your visitor see and leave.
  2. A precise message: usually customers do not have much time and take very less time. It takes 5-7 seconds for an online visitor to decline or accept the offer.

Therefore, if the message is not extremely attractive and precise there will be a very less chance of conversion, so maximum efforts should be put in to understand customers demand and provide them what they are looking for.

  1. Presentable images: Relevant and creative images engage visitors. Attractive images can lead a visitor to explore more about your product/service and can eventually perform that action you wanted.
  2. Testimonials: Customer tends to check what other people say about your product prior to making a purchase. Make sure to include some of the best comments you have got from your clients.
  3. Easy Navigation: An easy navigation through the landing page will increase the chances of visitors to complete that action. On the contrary, a confusing interface might sway them away.

These elements can boost the presentation of your landing page and chances to acquire your business objectives. You are also required to put substantial efforts on the promotion of your landing page, which can be done by several methods, for example, CTA, email and social media.

Studies have shown that businesses who make use of more landing pages create ten times more conversions than those with lesser landing pages. If you are still not using landing pages to boost your business, you could be missing out a highly impactful marketing prospect.

Landing Page Design with Boundless Technologies:

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