It’s not WordPress that’s slow .. It’s you.

December 3, 2018
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its not wordpress - It’s not WordPress that’s	slow	.. It’s	you.

As the world wide web expanded, search engines started to emerge and hence the need arose for keeping your content up to date. Since not every business owner was technical enough to roll up their sleeves and dive into coding HTML, they opted for getting Content Management Systems developed, commonly known as CMS. Development of this system was pocket heavy and in the middles came out a cost-friendly solution, WordPress.

WordPress gained popularity in no time. Not only it provided an easier way to keep your content updated, but it was also friendly all the devise your site visitors had. WordPress introduced themes that business owners could use as per their brand style and tailored to the needs on how they wanted their website to be. WordPress made everything as easy as updating a spreadsheet. On top of content management, WordPress also provided plugins for animation, applications, maps, … and you name it!

WordPress brought a revolution to the industry of the World Wide Web. Designers started to opt for using WordPress themes to save time from design adaptations for multiple devices and screen sizes. Many software houses stopped provided website development consultancy and started producing their own WordPress themes, that sell like hotcakes at multiple WordPress marketplaces.

While WordPress was offering so much, there was still a small hickup – WordPress sites would take a little more time to load in comparison with the HTML coded sites. Initially, this wasn’t much of a trouble, however as the internet speeds have enhanced, people’s behavior has also changed and they don’t wanna wait for a second more for the site to load up and may move on to something else. This leads the developers to think how can this be improved and came up with some logical hacks. It’s like efficient budget planning from your everyday life; hosting, cache, image sizes, content delivery, videos, etc.

Let’s have a look at some of these aspects, perhaps a few tips can make the web experience better for your visitors.

How To Optimize Images In WordPress

wordpress tutorial - It’s not WordPress that’s	slow	.. It’s	you.

When you get the images from a stock website or shoot from your own DSLR camera, they give you quite good resolution, that enriches the visual experience. However, since your website would only be viewed in small screens and not really at 32 inch LCDs, you don’t actually need images of such high resolution. Optimizing your images to a resolution that loads up fast at internet lets your website’s message get completed soon, and the visitor may act upon the call to action more quickly.

How To Optimize Videos In WordPress

Again, with faster internet available and having DSLR cameras handy, people opt for having more videos at their websites, considering they would take their messages across easily. Well,  news flash, people don’t watch the videos they don’t already have an interest in.

Not only that the videos acquire more server space, but they also eat up your website’s bandwidth. It’s better to “play” intelligently with them, and have only the very important ones at your  WordPress website.

Hosting Is Real Estate For Web

A guide to hosting your real estate website - It’s not WordPress that’s	slow	.. It’s	you.

Hosting is like deciding the area where your existence would be. Remember, a website is your virtual real estate site at the Web. Just like regular real estate, it gains impact from road traffic, small streets, too many pedestrians, etc. So, when hosting your website, do consider if you are going for shared servers or servers that promise dedicated bandwidth for the traffic that comes directly to your website.

Manage Cache In Caching

Haven’t you noticed your computer slowing down with continuous use, what do you do then? You simply restart your computer and it becomes fastback again! What actually happens is, with all the applications and programs, the copy and paste that we do, everything gets stored in computers cache memory and as the cache memory starts getting full, it eventually gets chocked and slows the computer performance down.

Well, isn’t the server where you host your website a computer as well? Yes, it is! Now while you can’t simply restart a server machine like this, you can certainly use WordPress Cashing Plugin that manages all the virtual memory problems on the go. For sites with more than 10 pages, you may even wanna go for having the WordPress Cashing Plugin associated with each individual page of your website.

Content Delivery Network

Ever wondered how does your Pizza arrive in 30 minutes to you? To ensure that, they opened up branches in every neighborhood. Same is the model of Content Delivery Network, it makes the data pulled up from the closest, geographically placed server, and hence it takes less time for the data to be fetched and be available for the visitor of your site.

Manage And Optimize Plan Your Plugins

wordpress plugins - It’s not WordPress that’s	slow	.. It’s	you.
It is your website, you know what results you want to form it and you have control over how to display the content. While WordPress plugins help you out in many ways, do plan what plugins are most important for your website, and decide wisely if they all need to be there.
While these plugins provide you things at a go, they do make your site heavy and hinder quick loading.

Select User-Friendly Smart WordPress Themes

When you go to the marketplace for buying a WordPress theme, don’t be greedy. Again, you know what are the essentials you want in your website, stick to them, only!
While a lot of templates would provide many lucrative options, be very conservative in getting them, you don’t need all those options and that many pages. This is one of the prime reasons that make your WordPress not load pronto.

KISS Them Warmly

The landing page of your website, often known as the home page needs to welcome the visitors warmly, do that. Don’t bombard them with all the information and scare them away. Remember, the more the fancy, the more time it would take to load, and harder it is for the visitor to focus on the core areas. Remember KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid!

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