Is CMS or Website Builder Better for Your Online Business

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2021, Sep 18

CMS vs. Website Builders: What’s the Difference and Which Should You Choose?

CMS in simple terms is a content management system. This is software that is used by people to create content, find a suitable way to store and search it and also be able to manage it as efficiently as possible.

Website builders, on the other hand, use the platform of the client to build a website and improve upon it. They tend to use the element of ease in making the website and their greatest strength is the proprietary tools. No one has to worry about investing too much time in website design.

What is the Process of Working with a CMS?

There are a few simple steps that you have to keep in mind when working with a content management system; for starters, you have to pick a domain name and align your domain name with your hosting plan. Installing the CMS is the next step. Next, you buy add-on services and products from the right business. Finally, you set up your CMS and start creating content to your heart's content.

Use of a CMS

One of the reasons why a CMS is becoming so popular is because of its user-friendly theme. A CMS will use tools and parts to help create websites with as much ease as possible. A good example of a content management system is Word Press. You can make your customizations on the website, separate from the general code if you have an idea of how to write and run code.

How Much Do You Have to Pay for a CMS?

This is one of those questions that often arise because a CMS does seem too good to be true, especially considering most content management systems tend to be free. However, the issue of the cost arises when you deal with the domain name and the relevant hosting. The costs can also rise if you think that a certain theme will be perfect for your website and you want to purchase the premium version of a system. A good system with a decent domain name will cost you about $50.

What is the Usability of a Website Builder?

Since most of the software accustomed to website builders is made with newcomers kept in mind, the process tends to be simpler. After installing the platform, you can choose a template to determine the theme. Since these programs aren't open-source, there isn't a lot of coding involved.

What is the Cost of a High-end Website Builder?

Easily explained, a proper high-end website will cost you around $50 to establish your website. It depends on the type of website that you want and the level of traffic you are looking for.


If you are still confused over which website design company you should go for, evaluate what kind of business you are aiming to run, this will help you make a quick decision that is perfect for you and your business.

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