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2020, March 9

Google cloud platform is a suite of public cloud computing services offered by none other than, Google. This platform contains a range of hosted services for computing, storage and application development that can run on Google drive. Google cloud platform is comparatively cost effective than Amazon. Although it is relatively new, it is already the biggest and the most competitive contender to the Amazon. Having a reliable infrastructure, it ensures the consistent working of that cloud provider. So most of the users prefer having this cloud storage so they may work more efficiently and effectively without losing any of their data.

It has fast scaled up and scaling down processes, which also includes downtime, and it nearly takes under five minutes. It also provides snapshot backup, but its backup processes are slightly slower than that of Amazon. When the server stops, it only charges for disk usage. It has expensive bandwidth which means using lot of bandwidth will make your invoice digits rise. The core cloud computing products in the Google cloud platform include;

  • Google Compute Engine: This infrastructure offers the users with virtual machine instances for workload hosting. This helps the users to get their work done easily without wasting any time and that too with complete accuracy. These virtual machine instances make the work completely safe from any sort of leakage or harm.
  • Google App Engine: This is a platform that provides software developers access to Google’s scalable hosting. Developers can also make use of the software development kit to develop software products that run on App Engine. This helps the users to develop a number of products to assist them with working efficiently.
  • Google Cloud Storage: This is the storage that is designed specifically to store huge and unstructured data safely and easily. Google also offers database storage options including non-relational storage; cloud SQL for relational storage and Google’s native Cloud Bigtable Database. This provides huge capacity for keeping the data safe from hackers and also from other viruses.

High-Level Services By Google Cloud Platform

Google keeps on adding new and latest services that are far advanced in their performance. Such advanced services also increase the storage of data so that users can keep more data safe in them. Google big data services

include the one, which is used for data processing and analytics. These services include Google BigQuery for SQL like queries, which are made against multi-terabyte data sets. Additionally, there is a Google Cloud Dataflow which is a data processing service used for analytics, extract, transform, load and real-time computational projects.

Prices and plans related to Google Compute engines are flexible enough so that the users can easily have them for operating their systems. The users may also avail a 3 days free trial on small servers to have a better idea about the workability of the platform. It has unlimited bandwidth which is more useful for the applications utilizing more of bandwidth. The server automatically gets expired after the trial period ends,If the account isn’t updated within 7 days of expiry, if it is, your server will get recovered.

Google Cloud Platform is recommended for applications that aren’t theft prone while having a lot of data. If you are having hard time figuring out whether or not, go for Google Cloud Platform, feel free to reach out to Boundless Technologies where a designated expert will be there to assist in making your decision easy for you.

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