Easy And Fast Integrate Square Payment Gateway In WordPress Via WP Easy Pay

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2020, March 9

Just like all other webdevelopment requirements have been made easy through  WordPress, so has the online payment!

Based in San Francisco, CA, Square is a merchant service, and an easy mobile  payment gateway provider. WordPress has an easy square payment gateway which  makes the payment system easier enough. If you have developed your website with WordPress, you can accept the payments in a very efficient and cost-effective manner.  WP easy pay is the best plugin to pay your money easily!

The Customers can clear the payment via WordPress payment gateway available  on your website., and this you can be done without the involvement of any other code  or plugin. WP easy pay offers a button that is available on the website. Therefore, the customers can make payments like donations, subscriptions, and onetime payments.

Square Payment Gateway

Only available in the U.S., Canada, U.K, Australia and Japan, Square card payment  is the best strategy to increase the traffic on your website that will lead to an increase  in sales. This platform makes it easier to accept online credit card payments. Dealing  with a number of payments gets difficult so that website developers can add this WP Easy Pay plugin on their website.

It is undoubtedly the best platform to accept the payments online and offline as well. When you start this payment process, you have to make an account on Square. By making the square account, you will get a free magstripe reader. This will help you to get payments from your customers at POS location. Additionally, you can also accept credit card payments from different credit card companies.

It offers transparent pricing pattern, where you can pay based on the number of transactions. It is the fastest way to deposit on your accounts within a few business days. It also helps you to have hassle free transactions without any sort of mistake. It also provides good customer service and support by providing loans for the development of infrastructure

Features of WP Easy Pay

  • One time setup with recurrent payments
  • Payments without any code requirement
  • All payments with a single button
  • Sandbox support available for developer testing
  • Notifications emails sent to admin for successful transactions

How It Works

WP Easy Pay works efficiently to accept simple payments or donations with the free version. It is just enough to keep your business going without making extra efforts — the simple payments that you can accept include like Tuition fee, hostel fee or charging some of the entry fees. If your website is dealing with charities and donations, users can send the amount by clicking just one button.

Setting up the plugin, its installation and configuration is very easy;

  • The plugin can be conveniently downloaded from the WordPress repository.
  • Once the plugin gets installed, you will see the WPEP settings screen on the WordPress navigation panel. At the navigation panel, you have to enter the square API keys.
  • After that, you will find a shortcode that helps you to place a button on your website.
  • You can set the email on which you want to get the notifications.
  • With radio button, you can choose between simple and donation payment. After choosing the one, you need to specify the amount that you want to transfer and have a box for button text.
  • In case if you have to transfer donations, there are also two, other options available on the plugin settings. These two options include organization name for which you are donating and also allows the user to specify the amount for donation.

When may you Need to Accept Payments on your WordPress Site

There are number of cases where you may need to accept payments on your  WordPress website, no matter if it’s a shopping site or not. There are some situations  or cases when you need to accept the payment on the WordPress site.

  • You are running a non-governmental organization, which needs donations and charities. You can provide an easy pay button on your website for making it easier for users to donate.
  • You are selling a single product on your website.
  • You are providing services or offer some training like counseling, Tutions, and student training programs. For that, you have to accept payments on your WordPress site to make it easier for your students.
  • If you are providing some other services like hair styling, grooming or makeup services, then you need to accept payments online without any sort of issue.

For all these situations and alike, regarding your specific website or product, you can simply integrate payment options to your website. Your site visitors will also get increased because of the ease in clearing payments.

Requirements For Setting Up WP Easy Pay

Some requirements need to be met for accepting payments on your WordPress  site by using this plugin.

  • PHP version 5.5 or above
  • WordPress version 4.4 or above
  • An account with Square
  • A valid SSL certificate

There is also a premium version of the plugin that has a number of additional features in it which makes the payments even faster and easier.

Features of Premium Version

This Premium version possesses the features of WP Easy Pay along the additional features;

  • Multiple buttons for payment
  • Payment popup
  • View order history from WordPress dashboard
  • Form and button customization
  • Subscriptions and recurring payments only for business and professionals plans

This premium version of the plugin is available with three different pricing plans; the starter version, business version, and professional version. Customers can see and use the multiple buttons for clearing out their payments. Its user interface is also somehow different from the other version. With three types of drop down for button type, which includes the subscription, donation and simple payment, user can choose the relative button according to the type of payment that the user wants to do.

With all said, this platform is the best to pay and clear the transactions for your professional or business purposes. Based on the requirement of users they can choose among different modes of payments. The plugin also has modern features that allow the customer to mention the amount for donation.

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