Collocation Web Hosting

January 15, 2019
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Collocation - Collocation Web Hosting

In collocation web hosting, the users rent the rack space from a data center; to make it simple, it means that you put your hardware and server in someone’s data center, you rent the space occupied by your server. The host, or the data center owner, is responsible for providing you with the power, storage and uplink facility.

Since this type of web hosting option requires complex technical webmaster skills and therefore, it is not something for you if you do not have any knowledge about servers and how they work. generally, this is not a feasible option for small businesses as they do not have the required expertise and time to manage the server themselves.

Though the collocation host is responsible to provide you with space, cooling, security and power facility, you will be liable for the data storage, software, hard drive, and backup system and management as well as the system and hardware failures. In case of any such failure or hardware malfunction, you will be responsible to manage it.

Prices for collocation space varies and you will need to do your research before choosing any.

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