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2020, March 9

Cloud web hosting is a relatively new type of hosting, which is formed by combining hundreds and even thousands of servers to work together and offer greater features and services. The idea behind it is that when the need for more space increases, instead of installing more servers, the company just needs to add more hardware to form a big cloud or grid.

The main benefit of this type of web hosting is that in case your website gets unusually huge traffic, the web host can manage and accommodate it accordingly instead of shutting down your website. Many of the top and best web hosting companies in Pakistan are offering the grid type of hosting along with their shared hosting plan so that the customer do not need to look somewhere else after driving more traffic to their website.

Some of the good cloud hosting service providers is


Cloud or grid web hosting comes with pay-for-what-you-use structure and the owners usually only pay for the resources that they utilize.

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