Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

On the expensive side (especially for smaller servers). Compare with other cloud  providers.
Most recognizable cloud brand with the biggest customer base.
Extremely reliable infrastructure.
Fast scaling up and scaling down processes (typically under five minutes).  Scaling processes involve downtime.
Quick backup/restore processes (as we store backups on Amazon  infrastructure). Availability of snapshot backups.
When a server is stopped, We just charge for disk usage.
Expensive bandwidth (so if your application uses a lot of it, the invoice will go up).
The highest number of locations (14). USA-Northern Virginia, USA-Northern  California, USA-Oregon, Europe-Ireland, Europe-Frankfurt, Asia Pacific-Singapore,  Asia Pacific-Sydney, Asia Pacific-Tokyo, Asia Pacific-Seoul, Asia-Mumbai, South  America-Sao Paula, Canada-Montreal, United Kingdom-London, USA-Ohio.

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amazon copy - Amazon Web Services


AWS SmallPer Month

$$ 75.02/mo
aws - Amazon Web Services
  • RAM 1.75 GB
  • Processor 1 vCPU
  • Storage 20 GB*
  • Brandwidth 2 GB*

$$ 876.24

Per Year

AWS MediumPer Month

$$ 175.54/mo
aws - Amazon Web Services
  • RAM 3.75 GB
  • Processor 1 vCPU
  • Storage 20 GB*
  • Brandwidth 2 GB*

$$ 2,082.48

Per Year

AWS LargePer Month

$$ 354.52/mo
aws - Amazon Web Services
  • RAM 8 GB
  • Processor 2 vCPU
  • Storage 20 GB*
  • Brandwidth 2 GB*

$$ 4,230.24

Per Year

AWS XLPer Month

$$ 550.66/mo
aws - Amazon Web Services
  • RAM 16 GB
  • Processor 4 vCPU
  • Storage 20 GB*
  • Brandwidth 2 GB*

$$ 6,583.92

Per Year

High Speed Performance Server

c01 - Amazon Web Services

Dedicated Environment

All servers launched on Boundless Technologies have dedicated resources. Contrary to  the limitations of shared hosting, our dedicated environment allows you to maximize  server and app performance.

c02 - Amazon Web Services
SSD-Based Hosting

SSD drives are 3x faster, facilitating breathtaking performance and reduced page load  times for your dynamic websites.

c03 - Amazon Web Services
Built-in Advanced Caches

We provide an optimized stack with ready to use caches including Memcached, Varnish,  Nginx, and Redis to deliver expedited responses.

c04 - Amazon Web Services
PHP 7 Ready Servers

All our server are PHP 7.x ready. PHP 7 is known to be significantly faster than its  predecessor.

c05 - Amazon Web Services
Auto-Healing Managed Cloud Servers

You don’t have to worry about your website crashing. Most of the issues within the server  are resolved with auto-healing restarts.

c06 - Amazon Web Services
Free WordPress Cache Plugin

Breeze is engineered in-house to offer better WordPress performance than any other  plugin in the industry. With simplicity at zero cost, Breeze comes pre-installed on  Boundless Technologies.


Account Management Dashboard Unlimited Application Installation
SSD-Based Servers Optimized Stack With Advanced Cache
Dedicated Environment Built-in WordPress Cache
Dedicated Servers Dedicated IP
PHP 7 Ready Servers Built-in MySQL Manager
CDN 1-Click Server Cloning
Dedicated Firewalls Server & App Monitoring (15+ Metrics)
Staging Area & URLs 1-Click Free SSL Installation
Auto-Healing Servers Multiple Databases
Automated Backups Application Restore
Seamless Vertical Scaling Multiple PHP Versions
SSH and SFTP Access Add Team Members
Application Cloning Server Cloning
Server Transfer Launch 10+ Apps Through 1-Click

Managed Security

All Boundless Technologies hosted servers are protected by OS-level firewalls that filter  out malicious traffic and keep out the intruders. 

Our built-in Let’s Encrypt SSL improves website security with a trusted certificate that  fulfills all your HTTPS requirements for free. 

Lets you create a whitelist of IPs, making it easy to collaborate with networks or regions  with unrestricted access to SSH and SFTP. 

We perform regular OS patches and firmware upgrades on your server. This ensures a  secure managed cloud server and avoids vulnerabilities. 

TFA is an easy and effective extra layer of safety for your Boundless Technologies  account, keeping your server safe from any intruder.

Important Notes:

● Prices & Plans are flexible on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
● Avail 3 Days FREE Trial on Small server.
● Application Size and Database Size can be scaled separately upto 1024 GB.   (By default 10 GB each is selected).
● UNLIMITED Bandwidth (DO NOT increase GB’s in Dashboard otherwise it will not be  UNLIMITED).
● Server will automatically removed when trial period expires.
● If you upgrade the account within 7 days of expiry, your server will be recovered by the  support team.
● Email Hosting not included.
● We charge $0.033 per each GB of backup storage (for eg: We are rounding backup charges  on $0.5 increments (i.e. $3.85 will be rounded to $4, $1.22 to $1.5 …)
● Contact support team at